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Here it is. Chelsea Wolfe‘s otherworldly rock agenda. Bourne on the wings of angels or demons – it’s difficult to tell. But ultimately does not matter.

Birth of Violence satisfies every base human instinct to dive deep into the unknown – an emotional journey that throws off the fear that arises naturally due to the surreal beauty of the music (especially Wolfe’s spellbinding larynx) that confronts us.

The first three tracks tell you all you need to know about Birth of Violence – a sordid dark rumination set to folk songs with a wicked twist. “Mother Road”, “American Darkness” and the title track have equal parts ethereal delights and visceral terrors – a sonic experience for the open minded.

Arty sensibilities are married to practical needs to engage providing a delicate balance that Wolfe negotiates brilliantly. It’s difficult not to turned on by the sensuality of the music while being provoked by the disturbing concepts.

Prime example – on the ghostly “Erde”, Wolfe sings – ‘Broken frame of mind/ Intertwined/To the field of Eden/ To the swelling tide/ We cried together’ all set to the horror soundtrack of ambient swells and earthy acoustics.

Hard not to be enveloped by Wolfe’s overwhelmingly aural construct – it’s finely tuned to the edgy underbelly of our times. Art-rock at its finest.

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