Jaz & Esther

After the driving rocking vibe of previous single, “Ride the Waves” – Singapore indie pop duo, Causeway Youth return with “Places”.

The new single is a plaintive introspective number with plainly intimate lyrics. The atmospheric textures hold together well as Jazreel’s heartfelt vocals blend well with Esther’s considered guitar work.

We caught up with Jazreel via email to get more information about “Places”

What is the song about? The lyrics sound very personal.
I never really openly told others what the song is about because I’m a rather private person. “Places” was named after a word document on Google Drive which I used to share with my ex-boyfriend. In summary, it’s a break up , time to move on , no looking back kinda song. The lyrics in the first verse describes the happy moments we once shared while the second verse, bridge and chorus describes the unhappiness from being in the relationship.

What is the feeling you wanted to evoke on “Places”?
Sonically – As a self-proclaimed Indie Ambient Pop band, we use a lot of atmospheric sounding effects like reverb in delay in our music. I don’t know why but Esther and I are very drawn towards the idea of using such effects because it puts ourselves in a space where it feels like you’re in the wide open and you’ll feel vulnerable.
Lyrically – sadness and relieved. It was my first ever relationship , and I always believed that we should love wholeheartedly. Thus , I was a ball of sadness when the break up happened. But definitely relieved because there was a lot of going back and forth , and we were never really ‘official’ , it was mentally draining and I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. This happened a long time ago, it’s quite funny talking about it now.

What was songwriting and recording process like?
Esther and I were still in school (Republic Poly) when I wrote this song with my acoustic guitar. The song came quite quickly to me , probably coz the wounds from the break up was still fresh. The first demo I’ve ever written was much slower and the overall vibe was more of a singer/songwriter approach. Then I brought my first ever electric guitar, started programming some drums on Logic and suddenly a new version of the song was born. The whole recording process was rather quick as well because we’ve been playing the song for our live shows and we knew what sort of direction we wanted, so we mainly recorded everything in my room except the drums and vocals which was recorded with our friend Kai Wen who runs Sonicwerkz Productions co-produced, mixed and mastered the song.

How will you be marketing and promoting the new single?
We’re trying to get the attention of more blogs/the media to write about it and occasionally force the new song down our friends and families throats HAHA
Just really trying our best to put it out there, you know, we’re still very new to this , so if any of you reading this likes the new song , please share it with everyone you know!

When and where will be the next Causeway Youth show?
(Esther) We currently don’t have any shows on hand, but we would love it if organisers could invite us ahahaha (Jazreel) Nothing lined up till the end of this year , but hopefully next year we can play more shows and more ….. places HAHA

Causeway Youth – “Places” is now available on all digital platforms.

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