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Probably one shining example of how fun modern indie pop can be in the right hands. This Brooklyn duo has been going for a decade now and from the evidence here, it seems like they have got the balance right! Infectious melodies, danceable rhythms & pop smarts throughout. Surely this has got to be one of the better albums of 2014. Recommended.

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LO-FANGBlue Film

AKA Matthew Hemerlein, Lo-Fang parlays a classically trained music background into a eclectic songwritng language. From emotionally-charged electro-pop (“Look Away” and “When We’re Fire”) to enigmatic indie folk (“Boris” and “#88”) to a bit of a hybrid between the two poles. What is consistent for Lo-Fang is an insistence to keep a slow burning hard boiled sensibility throughout.

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THE LEN PRICE 3Nobody Knows

Yeah, this is more like it. Good old fashioned rock n’ roll. Or you could call it Mod, Pub-rock or Garage-punk I suppose. Whatever the label, this is melodic rock that deserves more attention than it usually gets. Very authentically retro in its approach, this British trio channels a whole bunch of your favourite Brit-rock bands and throws in memorable songwriting for good measure.

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DEATH VESSELIsland Intervals

AKA Joel Thibodeau, Death Vessel writes and performs atmospheric & ethereal neo-traditional folk-pop. Think of it as an extreme hybrid of Gram Parsons and Sigur Ros (!). Thibodeau’s voice is so high and thin that he sounds like a female – it’s rather angelic overall and the impact is a music that is winsome and heavenly but with slightly disturbing overtones. Fey albeit experimental. Check it out!

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Classic rock needs women! Like Deap Vally, Ume features a distaff singer-guitarist in a prominent heavy metal pose. Her name is Lauren LL and she is the focal point for this power trio with a distinct 70s hard rock obsession. Monuments is a straightforward album of rock wailing, heavy riffs and pummeling drums that pop-metal fans will warm to very quickly.

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