It’s back! Considering the time constraints and attention span of modern web-users, I’ve decided to resurrect trusty ol’ Blurb-O-Rama, which will attempt to distill the essence of an album or EP with 50 or less words. Hopefully, this will be a weekly affair and we’ll focus on a trio of albums each time…

Cosmic Suckerpunch-sm

Cosmic SuckerpunchBreathe EP

Melodic rock that treads the middle path between The Killers and Kings of Leon, a dynamic hybrid of post-punk and rock n’ roll styles. This 5-track EP is a superb introduction to this LA alt-rock outfit and will provide new listeners with a good sense of the band’s assets – memorable tunes, intense energy and hard driving guitars!
Official Site


Wild NothingEmpty Estate EP

This EP follows two well-received full-lengths albums from the Jack Tatum vehicle. The    EP strays slightly from the indie rock/dream pop agenda previously set by adding a  synth-heavy sound that embellishes Tatum’s gift of angular guitar constructs. Songs like  “On Guyot” and “Hachiko” extend Tatum’s experimental pop bent whilst tracks like  “Data World” and “A Dancing Shell” will appeal to the dance pop pundits. Official Site


Dirty Beachesdrifters/love is the devil 

Double-album set of experimental, avant garde noise rock. Really? Alex Zhang aka Dirty  Beaches does not hide his arty ambitions at emulating The Velvet Underground with his  droning, repetitive, minimalist approach. Certainly not for all tastes, both albums  consist of live recordings, which either makes this enlightening or exasperating. I figure,  somewhere in the middle. Choice nuggets – “Love is the Devil” and “Berlin”, atmospheric  chaos. Official Site


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