“Striking Vipers”

Three episodes of the new season of acclaimed Netflix series Black Mirror dropped last Friday. Here are my quick thoughts on them.

“Striking Vipers”

Two old male (straight) friends play a virtual fighting game which ends up with them fucking! The virtual fucking is so addictive that it gets in the way of real life! Seems ridiculous overall even if the premise is intriguing. The resolution is pretty lame as well.


Yet another diss on social media. Been there, done that. Some effective manipulation goes on at the denouement but only for a second before you realise that there’s nothing new about this story whatsoever. Ho hum.

“Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”

Tries to make a relevant comment on contemporary pop music but the theme never lands when it casts Miley Cyrus as the pop star in question. Also, its framing is so black and white (i.e. pop is bad, alt-rock is good) that it presumes its audience to be simple and naive. Akin to taking a proverbial sledgehammer to a walnut!

Not great! Time for Black Mirror to be retired??

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