You Know Me 

For someone so young, Billy King presents a very assured, matured and intimate set of songs on this quite wonderful album. Even more impressive when you realize that King is responsible for every instrument played and every voice heard on You Know Me.

Recorded in his home studio in the rural mid-west, a warm tone and atmosphere permeate this rather pleasing album.

Taking much of his cues from Neil Young (in his Hank Williams mode), Steve Earle, John Hiatt and Steve Forbert, You Know Me features melodic pop-rock with a distinct country feel that is at once gritty and heartfelt.

So tunes like "Can't Win," "We'll Go Far," "You Know Me" and "No Proof" come across as familiar yet new. King mines the country folk-rock vein like a seasoned pro with insightful ruminations on life, love, regret and loss that is blissfully lacking in irony.

Straightforward and upfront, rustic and authentic, Billy King is a name to look out for in the new singer-songwriter stakes. Start with You Know Me and you will be that much richer for doing so. B+