Bill Miller (despite his name) is indeed a Native American folk-rocker who has managed with this superb album to balance the concerns of rock music and his heritage delicately.

Therefore, the appeal of Ghostdance first is that it is a well-written, well-crafted rock album that is able to stand on its own terms regardless of its background.

That said, it is the very fact that Miller is writing about his faith and beliefs that make Ghostdance that much more compelling.

The use of stirring strings on "The Sun Is Gonna Shine" adds poignancy to words like “There’s no beauty in thoughts that betray/There’s no peace when your life’s gone astray.” Musically, Miller’s folky style is not far from Robbie Robertson or Springsteen, songs like "Every Mountain I Climb," "The Reason," "Forgive," "The Vision" and the title track shimmer with grace and authority.

Imbuing every song with subtle references to his ancestry, Miller is able to transcend the folk-rock genre with an uplifting paean to human experience and divine appreciation.

A record no serious music lover can afford to ignore. B+