beabadoobee Our Extended Play

What’s the point of a fucking rule if it’s not there to be broken, eh? Glad to make an exception for a review of beabadoobee Our Extended Play the new EP from our favourite new singer-songwriter. Anyone who is able to bring guitar pop back with proper big choruses deserves to have her name shouted from the rooftops! And that describes beabadoobee to a T!

Alright so that’s about 60 words? How am we going to make it to 300 words (which is the recommended SEO minimum it seems) describing the hell out of these four songs when you can just fucking click on the link below and listen to the damn thing yourself! 

See? The whole problem with reviewing music in 2021 is that the reviewer is fucking redundant! So no point trying to tell you that the songs on beabadoobee Our Extended Play demonstrate Bea’s growth as a songwriter but not at the expense of the traits that made her so appealing to begin with. 

beabadoobee Our Extended Play

The first two tracks on beabadoobee Our Extended Play (we are repeating this for the sake of SEO, mind) are basically the two singles. “Last Day on Earth” which features a hypnotic guitar line and groove not to mention an infectious chorus that just will not quit. “Cologne” somehow manages to combine 90s grunge lite with neo-R&B vibes to create an cool feel that somewhat compensates for its relatively low melodic quotient. One imagines that these two songs represent Bea’s attempt to stretch herself beyond her previous material. Works for us! 

The 2nd half of beabadoobee Our Extended Play is really Bea’s taking the familiar route – from the acoustic balladry of “Animal Noises” where Bea is at her sweetest best to the jangle rock of “He Gets Me So High” where Bea wears her love of 90s rock on her sleeve once more. No complaints! 

Well our thoughts on beabadoobee Our Extended Play are complete – do not expect music reviews in our future. You know what you do – stream beabadoobee Our Extended Play to your heart’s content. 

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