Baybeats Open Stage Final 16

Today we highlight two rock bands you can boogie down to at the Baybeats Open Stage this weekend! Find out more!!


feedbeck pic

“We are an alternative rock band. We play our music passionately and we want mostly to be heard. Our music has been written to convey our passions, and carry a message that we want people to hear. We are a NOISE-y band, and we love it loud. People will listen to our music and dance, groove, jump, bang their heads and feel our passion for music with every note we play. We have played for a few events before. We are influenced by rock music. Classic, alternative, punk, hard rock, as well as a hint of grunge. Thanks!”


Gilded Edge

Hailing from the suburbs of Singapore, Gilded Edge is a four-piece consisting of Alan Francis (Guitar/Vocals), Melvin Lim (Guitar), Afiq Yusof (Bass) & Julian Stewart (Drums).  With influences ranging from 60s Pop & Classic Rock, 90s Grunge and Britpop to more modern Indie and Garage Rock, Gilded Edge aspires to be the ideal band to start and end your day with, beer in hand. The band writes music which is very much bipolar in nature, touching on topics such as social alienation, frustration & boredom as well as performing songs which exude raw confidence and positive ambition.  Having successfully been prizewinners after less than a year together at the Singapore finals of Global Battle of The Bands 2015, Gilded Edge is all set to send the squares running for their lives in the years to come.

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