Baybeats Open Stage

I firmly believe that in order to thrive, the Singapore music scene must place its bets on original music and build its own culture and community, something unique that can travel beyond Singapore.

However, the reality is that the music scene is dominated by cover music and realistically, the only way a local musician can make any kind of living from music is to play covers. As long as this is the  norm, our artistic music culture will die out, slowly but surely.

The Esplanade’s Baybeats Festival has been a lighthouse in stormy weather for many years, providing a showcase for Singapore music. In this spirit, I am proud and honoured to be hosting the inaugural Baybeats Open Stage, a platform that will function as an (almost) spontaneous opportunity for aspiring artists/bands to showcase their original music over two nights during Baybeats 2016.

For 15 minutes, you get to show folks at Baybeats 2016 what your music is all about and have an experience that will carry you forward in your music journey. Registration opens on 10th June.

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