Gareth Fernandez Band (above) & The Sam Willows (below) by Sonia Yap.

By Nikita Wong

Vincent Van Gogh once said, “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” Every form of success stems from an idea plotted into our heads. Founder of Bandwagon Clarence Chan was filled with such vision for himself to take the local scene to the next level. Hence he started Bandwagon. Bandwagon began on a small scale, over the years it has blossomed with a huge amount of support from the media and die hard concert goers. This year Bandwagon decided to take its event The Music Market to another level when Hard Rock Cafe approached them to host the event. The ultimate goal of this event was to bring the local musicians from the various online platforms to reality for avid concert goers.

The Music Market took place on the 2nd of August from 4p.m. till 12a.m. at Hard Rock Cafe, tickets were sold online for $15 while walk in guests had to pay $17 and there were a total of 9 local bands: The Diarists (Daphne Tan and Jaime Wong), Intriguant Live Set, Cashew Chemists, Gareth Fernandez Band, The Sam Willows, Sphaeras X Two Seas and A Vacant Affair. Genres such as Pop, Folk, Post and Alternative Rock were represented by the various bands.

Heartthrob sensation Gareth Fernandez performed at 7p.m. and he left many girls screaming as he belted out his notes to perfection. Gareth showed us his versatility with his band as he took a twist on “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. Girls were swooning to his sultry vocals. Apart from showcasing his take on covers, a sneak preview was presented to the audience as he sang his latest composition “Out Of Your Mind.” Chunky guitar riffs accompanied with deep bass groves and a gift for his falsetto notes, there was nothing else the appreciative audience could ask for. The last song was none other than Gareth’s latest single “Subliminal Love.”

By 7.45p.m. Hard Rock Café was packed to the brim with a 500-strong audience. As spoken with Clarence, The Sam Willows was certainly the crowd puller for this event and the response was so overwhelming that Bandwagon ran out of Wrist Bands for the concert goers. An adrenaline rush was felt by most of the crowd in eager anticipation for The Sam Willows to kick off their set. Their vocal runs were spot on and accompanied with synchronised dance moves too as they sang “Riverdance”. The audience were so captivated by their performance that mobile phones were constantly being whipped out to capture every moment. The hype lasted for their entire set as the audience dance and sang with the band. “For Love” was another original song which The Sam Willows sang with so much soul and passion. In addition, due to the closed set up it enabled the audience to connect with them in a heartfelt manner. The set ended with their hit “Glasshouse”.

Apart from the concert, pop-up Stalls were present and a range of items were being sold which included, knick-knacks, accessories, tote and vintage Bags, old school games and vinyl records. Café enthusiasts were not left out too as Lola Café was present to satisfy the cravings of hungry punters.

It was a night to remember.