Bands that sound like The Beatles

When you consider the massive influence that The Beatles has exerted on pop and rock music since they first exploded onto the public consciousness in the early 1960s, it’s seems superfluous to even think of the BANDS THAT SOUND LIKE THE BEATLES!

I mean, seriously, should not the BANDS THAT SOUND LIKE THE BEATLES be every pop and rock band since 1962? Well, of course that is an exaggeration and certainly there are a multitude of bands that were obviously inspired by The Beatles to form and make music but perhaps the idea of BANDS THAT SOUND LIKE THE BEATLES needs to be more nuanced than that.

Which brings us to this list – yet another music list to be disputed (which is inherent in all opinion) – let me know what you think. In alphabetical order as always.

Bee Gees – “New York Mining Disaster 1941”

Apparently, listeners mistook the debut single from the Brothers Gibb as new music from the Fab Four!

The Byrds – “I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better”

When The Byrds first burst into national prominence, their sound was a cross between Bob Dylan and The Beatles, thus giving birth to “folk-rock”.

Billy Joel – “Laura”

Joel’s music has been likened to Elton John and Paul McCartney, so of course, his most Beatlesque moment recalls the haunting spectre of John Lennon. Brilliant.

Electric Light Orchestra – “10538 Overture”

ELO were established to play all the orchestral bits of Beatles songs live and it’s clear that that reference was the band’s starting point for their own original music as well.

The Jam – “Start!”

Notorious for copping (erm, I mean borrowing”) the riff from The Beatles’ “Taxman”, certainly did this #1 single no harm at all!

The Knack – “Good Girls Don’t”

Wearing matching outfits and skinny ties did not endear The Knack to the rock purists but Beatles fans lapped it all up!

Klaatu – “Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft”

Another band initially mistaken for The Beatles. Surely, the highest compliment in pop music imaginable!

The Monkees – “I’m A Believer”

A pre-fabricated music outfit designed for a TV show emulating the Fabs surprised everyone by bring competent musicians in their own right!

Raspberries – “I Saw the Light”

This McCartnesque number epitomised where pop music found itself in the early 70s as the industry contemplated life without The Beatles.

The Rutles – “Cheese and Onions”

Sure, The Rutles were a Beatles parody but there was enough talent and quality in the music to warrant being considered on its own terms. More than anything that Oasis have ever done, for that matter!

Merely the tip of the iceberg and there’s more music to be discovered once you have examined the BANDS THAT SOUND LIKE THE BEATLES.

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