As faithful PoPsters will know, we have a rather fluid understanding of what POP music is here. Which thankfully extends to idiosyncratic outfits like Victoria’s Teenage Wedding.

This bunch of self-described weirdos channel so many of our beloved art-pop bands (eg. XTC, Pavement, Talking Heads, Wire) that digging this Canadian collective is rather a no-brainer.

On this six-track EP, we get pleasing melodic ideas sitting on top of atonal discordant sonic constructs and it’s all clearly in the name of art and good old fun (remember that?)

“Sun Rising” and “Flesh Prism” challenges one’s perspective of what pop music can be and reminds us to give the middle finger of the mainstream’s fascistic misconception of the concept.

And then, the alternative world-beater “Outa Sight” – all pentatonic scale and (old school) indie pop goodness – appears and suddenly it’s the 80s again and Edwyn Collins is hip & cool (which he is!).

The Great Sadness is the ultimate litmus test for where things can all go in contemporary alt-rock and indie pop music. Wouldn’t it be nice?

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