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Do you wanna fly? Hey, the sky’s the limit with Avion.

Remember the Tories? They released two wonderful albums, the final one – The Upside of Down – in my humble estimation deserved all the acclaim that Coldplay has received in recent times.

Well, Steve Bertrand was the central figure behind the Tories and Avion is his latest vehicle and from the first listen, it is obvious that the passion and verve remain intact! Uplifting melodies, dynamic instrumentation, sophisticated arrangements, quality production and meaningful lyrics to match – almost perfection!

I’ll start with the radio-friendly ballad, okay?

If there was any justice left in the pop world, then “Seven Days Without You” should be in heavy rotation at a radio station near you because it is heartfelt, irresistible, goose-pimply and pure joy to sing along with. Nothing quite compares at the moment.

Yeah, there’s more…

“Beautiful” is a head bopping exercise in unabashed praise – “…life is grand/Beautiful is not beautiful without you;” “Starting Over” is an atmospheric declaration of renewal – “If seeing is believing/I would never make it alone/There’s something I’m receiving/Faith so I can walk the unknown;” “It Falls Back On Me” is an introspective exploration of commitment – “Every time I rise above/I’m pulled under seas/I believe I’ve been wrong/On my knees I am strong enough to say that” and “The Best Is Yet To Come” is a joyous celebration of life – “God it’s good to be alive/Between the Earth, the sea and sky/Revolving like a record around the sun.”

Add to this the touching “Love Is Here Again,” the playful “Trinidad and a DC-10,” the driving “Perfect from Now On,” the catchy “Loved” and it is clear that the value of Avion is immeasurable. A+