Apostle movie review

Welsh director Gareth Evans – best known for The Raid – is the person behind Apostle, a period religious horror film starring Dan Stevens (of Legion fame).

Stevens plays Thomas Richardson, who travels to a remote island in an attempt to rescue his sister who’s been kidnapped by a religious cult.

Apostle movie review 
Dan Stevens

Prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen) is the leader of the cult with very deep dark secrets and Richardson has to utilise every trick in the book to achieve his quest.

Apostle is high on visual impressions as Evans uses his location – Port Talbot, Wales – to full effect. Although the action sequences and the gore will keep viewers on the edge of their seats, the plot itself is a little flimsy.

Two-thirds into the movie, the story changes course somewhat as the unhinged Quinn (Mark Lewis Jones) – one of Malcolm’s Lieutenants – takes control of the commune, seemingly from out of the blue.

This somewhat illogical plot point drives the tale to its climax quite effectively though we need to kick the suspension of disbelief to the curb and allow ourselves to wallow in the abundant violence and gore.

Worth the time if you’re into gory terrorising movies. Available now via Netflix.

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