Pretty amazed at how much influence the music of the 80s post-punk/new wave bands continue to have on modern rock. Regular visitors would be familiar with my disdain for the Joy Division clones that continue to rear their ugly heads but it’s fair to say that there are legitimate artists out there who are doing great things with 80s music.

Wild Nothing (a.k.a. Jack Tatum) is a prime example of this phenomenon with new album Life of Pause, a demonstration of how 80s music can be a wonderful source of inspiration for invigorating new music. Right from the get-go with the opening “Reichpop” with its Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush references, one gets the impression that this LP is going to get things right.

And it does.

“Lady Blue,” “Japanese Alice,” “TV Queen” and the title track, bring to mind the sophisticated cool of Psychedelic Furs, Simple Minds and Duran Duran, in the best possible way. Sympathetic synths, mid tempo rhythms and gorgeous hooks/melodies will satisfy 80s music fans.

Simply put, if you dig the 80s music references mentioned, then you need to support bands like Wild Nothing, so that music like this can be a vital voice in pop music once more.

Buy now!

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