Right Hand Left Hand is a two-piece band: Andrew Plain (drums/guitars) and Rhodri Viney (guitars/ vocals/ drums) from Cardiff, Wales. “2 members playing 2 guitars, 2 drum kits, centred around a loop station”, as their official bio informs us.

The music is some mad amalgam of Krautrock, electro, post-metal and rock ’n’ roll and it is simply mind blowing. The duo keeps things simple, making the most of what is available to them, sound-wise. The opening tracks – “Seat 18c” and “Fermat’s Last Theorem” set the tone for the rest of this impressive LP. It is uncanny how RHLH is able to strip down progressive rock of all its artifice and focus on the basics through minimalist repetition and contrasting timbres. It is definitely one of the better instrumental albums I have heard in a while – it brings together guitar rock and electronic sounds together seamlessly – the best of both worlds.

Call it whatever you like but this has the NEW ROCK ’N’ ROLL attitude smeared all over. A kind of rock universality that promises much. Brilliant!