Is it still metal without guitars and drums? Well, the purists out there will quite obviously growl – NO!

This is Moonlapse – basically, 21 year old electronic artist Ben Strick – who has recorded a five-track LP of progressive instrumental metal music on his computer!

Once you have gotten over the novelty of what sounds like progressive metal actually being electronic music, it wears off.

No matter how you try, technology has not been able to recreate the timbre of strings accurately yet.

Yes, you could probably get away with the drums and percussion but guitars? No way.

That all said, that should not be criterion to judge Moonlapse by. As progressive electro-rock, I can see Moonlapse generating a buzz but to be honest, after awhile you are going to be missing those guitars.

Full marks for effort though!

No information about when or where will Fade Construct be released. Updates at

In the meantime, check out Moonlapse’s previous release.

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