LOOK PARK is Chris Collingwood’s first album outside of Fountains of Wayne, recorded in collaboration with legendary producer Mitchell Froom.

It is obvious that with his debut solo effort, Collingwood has tried hard to distance himself from FOW in order to distinguish LOOK PARK from what has gone before. This has forced Collingwood to dig deep and discover a new musical vocabulary for his songwriting.

By and large, Collingwood has wildly succeeded and Look Park sounds like the work of a brand new artist despite the familiar strains of Collingwood’s larynx. In fact, the songwriting here comes across like a continuation of “Cemetery Guns”, the final track of FOW’s last album, Sky Full of Holes. Songs like “Shout Part 1”, “Minor Is The Lonely Key” and “I’m Gonna Haunt This Place” are probably the best examples of this approach where even FOW diehards might be surprised by the catholic breadth of Collingwood’s musical styling.

Coupled with producer Mitchell Froom’s control of sophisticated pop-rock dynamics, LOOK PARK would not be out of place sitting next to the 80s sophisticated pop-rock intelligentsia.   

“Shout Part 1”, “Stars of New York”, “Aeroplane”, “Minor Is The Lonely Key”, “Crash That Piano”.

Sounds Like
Elvis Costello, Neil Finn, Mutton Birds, Ron Sexton, XTC.

Bottom Line
Discerning erudite pop music lovers who want more bang for their buck will love every moment of their aural experience with Look Park. This is accomplished mature work without sacrificing an iota of melodicism.

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