photo by md hanis b isahak
photo by md hanis b isahak

It’s December but still there is more great music to savour in this amazing year for Singapore-made music.

.gif (viz. Nurudin Sadali/Chew Wei Shan aka weish) have proven themselves to be adept at blending electronic beats/textures with soul-rap-pop elements into a heady melange topped off by weish’s idiosyncratic vocal stylings.

The duo’s musical agenda is straightforward — minimal, hypnotic, loop-based & dream-like soundscapes that present alien yet familiar sonic ambiences that allow comfort and dissonance simultaneously. Meaning: the music soothes but contains sufficient edge to keep things intriguing.

Highlights of new album soma include the driving (by .gif standards!) “blanche”, the infectious “sate (feat. tim de cotta)”, pop-savvy “juvenile” & the fragile “godspeed” which endear themselves to the listener with alarming (understated) ferocity.

A veritable tour de force of sounds and conceptual vision.

.gif launches soma at Golden X The Great Escape (with Tim De Cotta & blankverse)

$15 door entry. More info.