Drug Cabin

Just when I began to despair about whether any one out there in the modern pop wasteland is making authentic pop-rock still… I discover that there are flickering embers of hope. If you know where to look.

Well, Drug Cabin viz. Nathan Thelen (ex Pretty Girls Make Graves) and Marcus Congleton (ex Ambulance LTD), probably feel the same way as I do cuz the band released TWO LPs earlier this year which demonstrate that there is potentially timeless pop-rock being produced even in 2015! The 2 albums are Yard Work and Wiggle Room and there’s not much to distinguish between the two. My guess is that duo had so much music that they needed to put it all out at the same time. But I am sure that true blue pop-rock lovers will not have any complaints about this move.

On Yard Work, songs like the mid tempo breezy “California”, the country-folky “Dogs”, the laid back syncopated “Hollywood” & the disco-rock channeling “Jesus” stake their claim on 60s/70s rock, with a shimmering pedal steel bringing it home.

On Wiggle Room, songs like the tongue-in-cheek “Steely Dad”, the earthy “Ruby”, the sophisticated “Wonderful” and the easy-going title track, sound like a continuation of Yard Work – or is it the other way round?

Fact is, at a total of 56 minutes, both albums could have been released as one monster of a 22-track instant classic and to be honest in this digital age, it does not really matter too much.

Not only that but if you add the eponymous 6-track mini-album from 2012, what you get is a bumper crop of tracks that are wondrously inspired by the classic pop-rock music of the best rock decade of all time (see Spotify playlist below). In all probability, Drug Cabin and their sterling work will go under the radar somewhat but if like me, you don’t give a shit about trends and only want to listen to great music, then Drug Cabin is the place for you!

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