AI Art of Napoleon Bonaparte

Adventures in AI Art is a new feature series here at Power of Pop as we dive into the world of AI Art generation, a topic that is very relevant and trendy in 2023. In this series, we will share about our own experience with AI Art generation, focusing on various imaginative subjects that hopefully will engage you and perhaps encourage to try your hand at this fun new pop culture phenomenon. We kick off with AI Art: historical figures given a modern twist!

But first, some background as to what is out there in terms of AI Art generation. The top AI Art generators are Midjourney and Dall-E 2. Both are paid services, which begin with a typical free trial. US$30 a month for the former, while for the latter, US$15 for 115 generations (4 images each). If you are looking for something free – who isn’t – then your picks would either be BlueWillow or Stable Diffusion. Of course, being free, the overall quality is lower and the waiting time for generations is longer than the paid services. There is also another AI Art generator called Leonardi.Ai, which we hope to explore and discuss soon.

How does AI Art generation work? Through prompts i.e. instructions to the AI as to how the image requested is supposed to look like. Sounds easy, eh? Not at all! As usual, there are certain protocols when it comes to prompts, but as the AI is a text-to-image model, it’s best to be as descriptive in detail as possible. Or as simple as you like, up to you. We have done a fair bit of research into prompts and hopefully, the results bear witness to that!

For this post, we looked at AI Art: historical figures given a modern twist. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte, Queen Victoria and Karl Marx et al, are represented in a new artistic perspective. For this purpose, our generic prompt was as follows: – “a fantasy style portrait painting of [name of historical figure] in the style of francois boucher oil painting unreal 5 daz. rpg portrait, extremely detailed artgerm greg rutkowski alphonse mucha greg hildebrandt tim hildebrandt” The results can be viewed below. My favourite image is then upscaled and posted at Instagram. Check them out!

Queen Victoria

AI Art of Queen Victoria

Karl Marx

Napoleon Bonaparte

AI Art of Napoleon Bonaparte

We hope you enjoyed our AI Art generated images and please let us have your feedback on Instagram. Look out for our next post where we will look at the topic – “Gods and Monsters”!

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