Patience and Science

All the hail the new Power Pop!

Informed by the infusion of punk, emo and indie rock, the new Power Pop refers less to the Beatles, Beach Boys and the Byrds and more to Weezer, Green Day and The Get-Up Kids.

Twenty-two year old singer-songwriter Adam Richman is singly responsible for all the performances on Patience and Science, his powerful debut album. Thus, like Jason Falkner, Brendon Benson and Jon Brion, Richman is a veritable one-man band. Perhaps unlike the aforementioned artists, Richman appears to have the pulse of his generation firmly in hand.

The hooks are infectious, the lyrics are emotionally provocative and the choruses are anthemic to the max. Every track on this satisfying debut will appeal to fans of great pop-rock, young or erm… not so young.

From the adrenaline pumping “What Can Make You Mine” (with Richman sounding like Style Council-era Paul Weller on speed!) to the widescreen balladry (evoking the latter-day Andy Partridge, “Chalkhills and Children” style) of “Lost On Timing,” Richman displays a musical range that many older artists would envy.

Patience and Science is a superb showcase of the diverse talents of Adam Richman.

One to keep a very close watch on. A+