"The Land of Pure Imagination"

If you're even remotely familiar with power pop then the name of Roger Manning Jr. is the stuff of pop legend itself. Together with Andy Sturmer, Roger raised the bar on sophisticated power pop with the two Jellyfish albums viz. Bellybutton and Spilt Milk released in the early 90s.

After all this time, Roger has finally decided to bless pop fans with his debut solo album and it is an awesome effort! Rather than release the album in the conventional way, Roger has chosen to unleash Solid State Warrior via Weed (though I understood he may be shopping around) and whilst Roger was kind enough to send me a CD of samples, I have taken the plunge to purchase the lead-off track, the magical epic that is "The Land of Pure Imagination."

Now, here's the deal, clicking on the track will allow you to listen to it three times for free or you can go to the Weed site to purchase it for yourself. Go on, you know you want to...