Day: June 20, 2014


I absolutely loved Brisbane artist Jeremy Neale at Music Matters Live last month. Not only for his music but his general approach to being… Jeremy Neale! This man deserves to be bigger than Justin Bieber. Seriously. So I sent him these questions via email and waited with bated breath on the answers. Here’s what came back…

How did you get your start in music?

I was fortunate that my best friend when I was 13 started learning the drums. She would get drum lessons and then teach me what she knew. I went on to continue playing drums in High School and picked up other instruments along the way. This left me primed to be able to experiment with songwriting and I guess eventually I must have written something halfway decent. Finally had the guts to write for a band towards the end of 2008 and then started doing the solo thing in 2011.



The Malaysian band with the enigmatic name returns to our shores for Baybeats. Amir Shazlan braves our FIVE questions about Baybeats 2014 on behalf of They Will Kill Us All.

Why should fans check out your performance at Baybeats?

We always have fond memories when playing Singapore. All the time, it manages to bring out the best in us. This is the main reason why people should check us out. Then afterwards, they are entitled to form their own opinions.

Why are you excited about playing at Baybeats?

Baybeats have always been a festival that heavily supports the independents. Other festival maybe cooler, but none has the staying power like Baybeats due to its mission. So to us it is an honour to play Baybeats and we pledge to give a kick ass show, like we always do everytime.

Why do you think you were selected to play for Baybeats?

To be honest, we have no idea at all but I’d like to think its all about the music!

If you had to choose just three bands to watch at Baybeats, which bands would they be and why?

Indonesian bands are always killer, so we plan to catch Seringai and Lightcraft. Especially Seringai, cause their brand of rock really brings out the metalheads in us. But The Full Pledge Munkees are really must watch.

When and where are you playing at Baybeats?

We will be playing on Friday 27th at 10.45PM. Hope those catching our show to come up and have a chat with us afterwards!


Violinist Eileen Chai recently launched her book Teach A Life For Life and we caught up with her to find out a little bit more about the words and the music.

Why did you decide to write a book?

Teach a Life, for Life contains life lessons learnt in my journey through sports and music. It was written because I wanted to tell my story so that people could reflect on my life lessons learnt, which might help people self-explore, discover and find their own paths, and learn from their past to make good for the present and future. 

Secondly, I wanted to share with people, family and friends who have helped me in my life journey through sports and music. In a way, to give thanks to my family, teachers, coaches and friends.



How can you not be intrigued by a band that describes itself as “an antidote for rainy days, sleepless nights, mournful moments, lovelorn phases and sleepy mornings”.  With that in mind, let’s see how lightcraft dealt with our FIVE questions about Baybeats 2014 (via Imam).

Why should fans check out your performance at Baybeats?

Because most people don’t know us from Adam! We’re very much an unknown quantity in Singapore (we’ve only played there twice, and they were aeons ago), but we might just tickle someone’s fancy in one way or another. Besides the obligatory songs from our latest album that we’re currently promoting, “Colours Of Joy”, we’ll also be debuting a few brand-new songs too. Expect 45 minutes of melodic, anthemic songs that are peppered with melancholy; perfect to soothe your weary heart and soul.

Why are you excited about playing at Baybeats?

Without wanting to give off the slightest hint of sounding cheesy, it honestly has been a dream of ours to play Baybeats – ever since our days in KL – so it’s amazing to be invited at last after fantasizing about it for more than six years. We’ve been buzzing ever since we got the call. We’re looking forward to meeting and making new friends, and to share our music to everybody over there. We can’t wait!

Why do you think you were selected to play for Baybeats?

Well, we’d like to think that the hard work that we have put in all these years have finally paid off, and our progress has impressed someone out there. Nobody knows for sure, but either way, we’re just over the moon that we’re given this opportunity.

If you had to choose just three bands to watch at Baybeats, which bands would they be and why?

Only three? This is a tough one!

They Will Kill Us All would be one, because we’ve played with them a number of times back in the day in KL, and they’ve always been an awesome band, even with the line-up changes and slight shift in musical direction.

Pitch Feather, because they’re curious about us, and we’re curious about them as well.

Can we cheat and lump in both Inch and Monster Cat together as a package? They’ve been at the forefront of the Singaporean indie music scene, they produce music of the highest quality and we’ve never seen them live before.

When and where are you playing at Baybeats?

We’ll be playing on Saturday, June 28, at 9.15pm (our compatriots, the hard-as-nails Seringai, will also be playing on the same evening), over at the Arena stage (Esplanade Outdoor Theatre).





If you missed The Brow at Beerfest 2014, then I feel sorry for you! The quintet parlay a unique mix of ska, hip hop and electronica into a heady brew and on stage they are brimming with hi-energy and dance-able vibes. The Brow is a band that simply defies easy categorization – which is fine by me! I spoke to the joint frontmen Nick Owen and Ben Fear when they were in Singapore and if you listen to the audio (and why wouldn’t you?!) it’s clearly evident that The Brow are both serious-minded and fun-loving at the same time. Great combo, eh? (Sound quality is a little rough but I hope you get the gist of what was going on – high jinks!)

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