Day: June 19, 2014


Second EP from these Perth-based smart poppers finds them in the sweet G-spot between British post-punk and American new wave. Simply put – infectious melodies, bouncy rhythms, quirky lyrics and cool vibes overall. Seriously folks, they don’t make pop music like this anymore. This is the kind of pop, Power of Pop was established to drool over!

The title track is a masterwork of tightness and economy, crammed into its 3:31 minutes is more absolutely gorgeous pop (is there a better middle-eight/bridge from anyone else in 2014?) than anything most of the post-punk revivalists will be able to muster in their unreasonably overlong careers (you know who you are!)

Amazingly, the other four tracks do not fall too shy off the pop perfection of the title track. “I Disagree With Myself” is a brilliantly clever pop single that the likes of XTC and Split Enz would be proud to call their own with an irresistible chorus hook to  boot – “I don’t wanna be dumb and bored”. No danger of that!

“Far From the Moment” and “Don’t Look at Me” have similarly mellifluous refrains – sweetness perfected in hooks and riffs that dig deeply into the ear. And of course, opener “Uppers and Downers” is a wonderful study in tone – offbeat, sinister and yet funny at the same time. No mean feat.

The Disappointed – check them out cuz believe me, you will not be!

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The first proper musical performance to be given by Pitch Feather! That’s just so special!! Let’s see what the band has to say about our FIVE questions about Baybeats 2014 – via Alberta Leong.

Why should fans check out your performance at Baybeats?

It will be our very first live appearance as Pitch Feather. Fans can come experience the special night with us. Also, it’s a great chance for our supporters to get to know us a little better, on a more personal level. We will be playing unplugged sets supported by a band of very talented musician friends, so they can expect to hear delicate, chillout versions of our songs with different arrangements, which is something you won’t be able to hear on our record.

Why are you excited about playing at Baybeats?

Chuan and I have been attending Baybeats almost every year and we’re always excited to discover promising emerging artisit/bands. As motivation to become better musicians, we tell ourselves that we have to play there someday. This dream is finally coming true, and it feels great to be part of the Baybeats family. We hope to make some new friends and share our music with more people through this experience. It will be a great start to our live performances too.

Why do you think you were selected to play for Baybeats?

Maybe some kind soul recommended us. Maybe they liked our recorded music and were curious to see how we sound like live? We can’t be sure but we felt very honoured and grateful when we were given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If you had to choose just three bands to watch at Baybeats, which bands would they be and why?
This is tough, there are so many acts we want to catch, but if we have to choose only three, we’d probably choose those that we can’t see often or have never seen before.

Lightcraft – they sound really melodic and full in their recordings. Curious to hear how they sound like live.

Giants Must Fall – we love it that they are also self-funded, self-produced indie folks like us. They also haven’t been performing in a while, so we’re keen to catch them live.

ENEC.E – we’re looking forward to hearing the soothing vocal harmonies and alluring melodies.

When and where are you playing at Baybeats?

We’ll playing on the 3rd day of Baybeats (29 Jun, Sunday) at the Chillout Stage (Esplanade Concourse). We’ll be playing two sets – 5.45pm and 8.45pm.


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Aysha Amani, the frontperson of infectious Aussie funk-soul-hiphop combo The Amani Consort was so easy and fun to talk to as she (together with keyboards player Gordon Cant) answered my questions about the band – past, present and future. Listen to the audio for the full details! (Sound quality is a little rough but I hope you get the gist of what was going on – lots of laughter!)

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

We promise to be back with a review of The Amani Consort’s Better Way EP pretty soon! In the meantime, connect with the band over at its Facebook page.


Photo by YC Yak

Photo by YC Yak

Nothing quite compares to an intimate club show where one is able to get up close to the artist. In the past, such gigs were fairly scarce in Singapore as promoters tended to favor artists who could draw upwards of a thousand fans. But thankfully of late, these kinds of gigs are becoming more and more common in the live music scene here with recent examples being And So I Watch You From Afar at Zouk, Dirty Beaches at Pink Noize, Deafheaven at Beep Studios and Music Matters Live at various Clarke Quay outlets.

Spanish artist Russian Red (born Lourdes Hernandez) has played on our shores twice before in close quartered environments and it was pretty much the same on her third visit, this time at TAB. Thus, it was easy to make out Hernandez’s fine outfit of the night – a black frilly dress, shiny golden heels and bangs tied up in a bun – which when combined with a stylish Gretsch electric guitar (whom Hernandez referred to as ‘Gretchen’), provided a somewhat incongruous image of the dainty female rocker.