Day: September 13, 2013


Inane rants of a Spurs fan (since 1973)


What have we learned after three games?

1. New players take time to bed in.
2. We still have problems breaking down teams who ‘park the bus’.
3. Dembele is not the solution to our playmaker problem.

On the plus side, AVB’s pressing game seems to help us to dominate games by and large but now we need to add goals and we are going to have a highly successful season. Norwich at White Hart Lane seems to be reasonable opposition from which to bounce back from the NLD defeat but under-estimating the Canaries might prove fatal.

With the window closed till January, we now have the opportunity to see whether either Eriksen (above) and/or Lamela will help to fill in the gap left by Bale. In all other departments, we appear fairly solid – but we dearly need someone to make that incisive pass and to bring the others in offensive play. At the back, it just may be time to ditch Dawson and bring in Kaboul for starters. New boy¬†Chiriches is unavailable so depending on Kaboul’s fitness, AVB might need to risk Dawson once more.

In midfield – with Capoue injured and Dembele off-form – it seems clear that the Brazilian pair of Sandro and Paulinho (above) will start in the middle of the park with the possibility of Townsend and Chadil taking the flanks due to the lack of fitness of Lamela and Lennon. With Soldado a fixture upfront now, it must be the moment for Eriksen to show what he can do in a creative role.

I fully expect Norwich to be very disciplined and defensive and so, it might mean yet another 90 minutes of almost total possession. How quick can Eriksen adapt to the Premiership and fit in to the AVB’s tactics and formation remains to be seen. Overall, I expect it to be close game with Spurs coming up on top by at least two goals.




Shaun of the Dead. Hot Fuzz. The World’s End.

The loosely defined Cornetto trilogy is concluded.

That’s about it actually. The premise in itself starts off quite intriguingly.¬†Five friends reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier. Loads of potential – 90s nostalgia and drunken hi-jinks. Throw in Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Martin Freeman and things look promising.

BUT there’s actually more to their old hometown that meets the eye and the film morphs into an unlikely scifi thriller, except that it’s not very scifi and it’s definitely not very thrilling. And worse still, the humour runs dry halfway through the movie when even though they are faced literally by annihilation, Pegg’s character is determined to finish the pub crawl. Rather silly.

And don’t get me started on the ending of The World’s End.

Go and watch Shaun of the Dead again…


After the risible remake of Total Recall, you can understand my skepticism about this new version of yet another Paul Verhoeven classic, Robocop. Judging from the trailer, it’s clear that this film is trying to find its own space within the basic framework of the original story. Too early to tell but the jury’s still out on this one…

… still there’s more …