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Singapore, 30 November 2011:  MTV today unveiled ways fans can get exclusive passes to attend the December 14 recording of the first installment of MTV Sessionswith Universal Music recording artist Vanness Wu at Resorts World Sentosa’s Waterfront Studio.  MTV Sessions is presented by Zesta and held in association with Canon Legria.

Shot in front of a studio audience of only 200, fans can obtain limited passes to this event through Zesta’s Scratch and Win contest, available from 7-11 outlets nationwide until 11 December 2011. Collect a Scratch Card with every Zesta 500ml purchase and get five cards of the same design. Each lucky winner will score a pair of invites. For more information on contest, visit

In the debut episode of MTV Sessions produced in Asia, Vanness Wu will perform tracks from his latest album C’est La “V” as well as covers and remixes of songs never before performed for a television audience.  MTV Sessions with Vanness Wu will premiere on MTV SEA Sunday, 1 January at 6.00pm (SG/HK/PH), 5.00pm (WIB) and 7.00pm (MAL) with additional content available online at

“We’re very excited to be bringing a brand new music platform for artists with a format unique to MTV,” says Tan Sian Ju, Vice President of Youth and Music, MTV Networks Asia. “Incorporating performance, storytelling and fan interaction, MTV Sessions is a multiplatform showcase that connects with audiences all over the world. We’re delighted to launch the series with an artist as exciting as Vanness Wu, in a facility as state-of-the-art as Resort World Sentosa’s Waterfront Studio, and with sponsors such as Zesta and Canon Legria.”

MTV Sessions will be shot at Resorts World Sentosa’s Waterfront Studio, a purpose-built TV studio located at the waterfront of the 49 hectare mega-resort. Fully treated for the best acoustic performance with state-of-the-art technology and equipped with the latest in audio, lighting and full HD camera systems, the studio space is optimal for production recordings with a live audience.

Resorts World Sentosa will also be giving away three pairs through a Facebook contest that runs from 5 – 12 December 2011. Fans will have to submit pictures of their most outstanding and elaborate Vanness Wu memorabilia plus a statement on what it means to them. The three best entries will each win a pair of passes. For more information on the contest, visit from 5 December onwards.

“We are proud to launch the Waterfront studio by hosting MTV Sessions in our fully-equipped and purpose-built studio for TV productions,” said Andrea Teo, Vice President of Entertainment, Resorts World Sentosa. “We hope MTV Sessions will add buzz to the resort and provide a great way for our visitors to get up-close and personal with their favourite artists as they perform live for MTV’s cameras.”

Proudly supporting the television debut of MTV Sessions is Canon Legria.  “It is a great pleasure to have the opportunity to work with MTV. We hope that through this partnership, we will be able to inspire people to shoot and share movies of their life experiences,” says Mr. Issei Morimoto, Vice President, Canon Singapore Pte Ltd.

MTV Sessions is a multiplatform music series developed for regional and international artists to showcase their craft in a studio environment in front of a live audience. Additional to their own songs, the artists will perform favourite covers and remixes produced exclusively to MTV.  Like other versions of the programme, the locally-produced MTV Sessions will adopt an informal and revealing format to highlight the work and life of the artists through their music and personal stories.   Additional artists performing on MTV Sessions will be announced at a later date.


Vanness Wu was once a breakdancer on the streets of California, who shot to stardom as a member of Taiwanese band F4 in 2001, which claimed phenomenal success in Asia.  On top of the three albums released by the band, Wu also launched his solo albums Body Will Sing in 2002 and V.Dubb in 2007. He also collaborated with American artists Beyonce, Kanye West and Korean singer Kangta on their individual albums.

In 2011, Wu released his latest Mandarin album, C’est La “V”, produced with a team of leading names such as Ryan Tedder (One Republic), Bruno Mars and Daniel Bi, Korean stylist Raymond and photographer Zo Sun Hi. The album boasts a mix of musical styles and is a big hit in Asia with tracks such as Is This All (featuring Ryan Tedder of One Republic), 說愛就 (Say Love To Love), 哎呀 (Ai Ya) and 命定(Destiny) popular in Taiwan, Japan, China and Asia Mandarin markets.

Besides being a singer, Wu is an accomplished actor, director and producer. In 2009, he received critical acclaim for his acting in Taiwan’s “Autumn’s Concerto’ (下一站幸福)”, which was one of the major highlights of his career.

*MTV Sessions with Vanness Wu will premiere on MTV SEA Sunday, 1 January at 6.00pm (SG/HK/PH), 5.00pm (WIB) and 7.00pm (MAL)




According to the publicity blurb on the DVD jacket, the concerts featured in this DVD have been lost for 50 years and just newly discovered. Which is certainly a boon not only for music fans but also historians. Filmed at the 1961 Antibes Jazz Festival in France, this DVD features the legendary Ray Charles in his prime.

Covering two sets on 18th and 22nd July respectively, Charles is backed by the original Raelets and run the gamut from jazz to gospel, from the blues to rock ‘n’ roll. Charles himself is the consummate musician, equally comfortable with solo piano as well as singing, there is no denying the genius of the man and the tremendous influence over the popular music of the decades that followed.

The visuals are in sparking black and white, with choice audience shots edited together efficiently. The sound is pristine and Charles performs some of his greatest hits viz. Let The Good Times Roll, Georgia On My Mind, Hallelujah, I Love Her So and What I’d Say. On the last track, it isn’t difficult to see the impact that Charles had on the likes of The Beatles, for example.

Of course, this is 1961 so there is none of the flash or the glamour of modern day live spectacles but none of this diminishes the power and soulfulness of the musicianship and showmanship. Utterly essential for all pop scholars.

Buy Ray Charles: Live In France 1961 from Amazon


Zee Avi could be, and just may very well be, the biggest export to the international music platform from this corner of the world – Asia.

Discovered on YouTube by Patrick Keeler, the drummer of The Raconteurs, who passed along the video link to then-The White Stripes manager Ian Montone, the whole story ends up with Emmett Malloy (one-half of the directing talent duo The Malloys) signing her up to Brushfire Records, partly owned by Jack Johnson.

This Malaysian talent has definitely come a long way, and is in no way slowing herself down. And if you think her musical journey just ends right there, she already has two full-length albums under her belt, with her latest offering Ghostbird charting at #129 on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums Chart.

Interviewing – or rather chatting – with Zee Avi is an all new experience for me. For one, she is really humane, in her mannerism and her responses, and it feels like she doesn’t have to put on a front to gather more attention or buzz around her; she isn’t trying too hard, simply put. Her answers were direct, and her voice is thickened with her deep Malay roots across the border and even at a point, she may have accidentally used Singlish!

The only downside to the interview was that the venue, TAB, was blasting relatively loud music throughout the interview. Not a fault of anybody’s, of course, but it doesn’t really helped that Zee is a relatively soft-spoken person, in her petite kind of way.

Below is the interview, and thank you to Universal Music Records for arranging this. Do check out Zee Avi’s latest album, Ghostbird, which is already out in music stores.

Roundtable interview with Zee Avi

Q Question,
Z Zee Avi
Kevin Kevin Mathews

*Transcript from recording of roundtable interview held on Monday, 21st November 2011. The actual words used may vary from the text below, but the meaning and the most and best appropriate words had been used for those that were unclear of.
Q: You’ve got lots of fans in SP [Singapore Polytechnic], and they’ve been coming up to us with questions. We’ve actually sort of got rid of those that have asked for your number.

Z: 323… (obviously, teasingly giving out a fake number)

*laughter all around

Q: One of your fans asked how old were you when you actually decided that you’d do music?

Z: The day I got the e-mail from the record label. That is a serious answer.

Q: How did you decide on which musical genre you’d go into?

Z: I didn’t, and I still don’t. I actually don’t have a genre. People asked me what my style is, and I tell them I don’t know. My style is I don’t have a style. I think it allows more freedom, as an artiste and a songwriter to… “let’s see if you’re okay to it”. You don’t want to restrict yourself…


Q: We actually heard that you write a lot of love songs. What kind of guys do you like, material wise?

Z: (lets out a girly, flirtatious outburst) Ooooh! Haha. You know, when I was younger, your criteria and your preference is like, I want someone who is big, who is mysterious… After a while, when you get older, you realize that, you just want someone with a good heart, warm, a good conscience and a good smile.

CJ’s intervention: I heard you said older, but you’re not that old now.

Z: That’s what you think. Good surgeon.

Q: Everyone has a shower song. What about yours? Do you listen to your own song and go, ooh nice song?

Z: (begins singing live) Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool. Mary MacGregor’s Torn Between Two Lovers.

Q: What inspired you to write Kantoi? Was it based on a breakup and a true story?

Z: It’s based on my friend’s story. I was just talking about that just now. It’s been a while since I revisited that writing process, which was one of the most incredibly fun writing process I’ve ever had. She was hanging out over at my house, and she was like (exclamation in Malay), and I had a ukulele in my hand, (Semalam I call you, you tak answer). It was a fun kind of jokey song.

Q: You are very sure that it’s not yours?

Z: I’m very sure.

Q: Why the name Zee Avi?

Z: My name is Izyan, and it gradually turned into Zee. It’s just 5 letters, people, and now it’s 3. And Avi is an abbreviation of my last name (Alirahman), because anything more than 3 syllabus is a mouthful, apparently, in some countries. And I actually just found out recently that Zee means sea in Dutch. So if you put an E at the back of Avi (Avie) means sea of life.

Q: Are there any craze for K-pop bands that you are crazy with? Any closet love for K-pop bands?

Z: I used to listen, back in ’98, there’s a girl band named S.E.S. I know that they are a Korean girl band (begins singing). But K-pop, no. But recently I went to Korea, and they were telling me about this band called 2PM? It’s like 12 of them or something?

Q: No, 6.

Z: Oh, really ah?

Q: That’s a really small size for them.

Z: Yeah, cannot make football team.


Q: Your concert here in Singapore, what would you like your fans to take away or understand from it, cause obviously your fans had heard your album quite a few times,  so the actual performance – what would be the difference?

Z: For me, I find that the real creativity lies in live performances. Luckily for me, my band – it’s nice to work with actual artistes and not just actual musicians. And we work together, we collaborated together, putting together this kind of force, putting more life to the songs, live performance wise. What I want my fans to take away from that is whatever they choose to take away with them, I hope that they take it away with a smile.

Q: Your album is written over in the US. How will fans in Asia and Singapore relate to songs with inspirations from over there (US side of matters)?

Z: Yeah, but it’s universal! I mean, how do you relate to I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor? How do you relate to Never Say Never by Justin Bieber? Or Spice World by Spice Girls? As long as it has a universal message that people can take away and people can relate with, I think the key ingredient to that is to still have sincerity of some sort in your music and in your words. And people watch movies from other countries, people read stories from other countries, and it’s a matter of transporting as a storyteller. It’s a matter of transporting someone through your words, to where you were and what you were feeling at that time.

Q: Obviously the album is pretty fresh in Asia. So how far after this tour will you be thinking of getting intergradation for new songs for another album?

Z: Cause I already have it in me. It comes in spirits, it’s sporadic. The intention of writing new material is there, although I feel that Ghostbird is still taking its nice little slow pace to show itself to the world, and I am still dawning them in the best light I can, and sort of enhancing it and sharing it with the world still. New material definitely comes about and pushing.

Q: Could you give us some specific examples as to what they are?

Z: It’s quite premature to talk about. Two years ago, I was like, my second album is going to be bleak, and then this comes up. I always say a lot can happen in an hour, let alone a year. So you never know.

Q: So nothing is concrete yet?

Z: No.

Q: A different tone from the second album?

Z: Well, probably. You know, it all comes with experience, it all comes with lessons, it all comes with obstacles that I’ve really been through and learnt, so the growth in that may be different. If I were to tell you something really concrete, then it may be something really different… then. I don’t know, techno.

Q: How do you differentiate yourself with artistes that you have been compared with? How will you see yourself different from these other artistes?

Z: The difference is we all experience things differently, and  we all choose to feel certain emotions differently, we choose to embrace different situations differently, we are all very different. Being compared to any other artiste is inevitable, because people always want a sort of comfort, to know that they can relate with this person. But, as an artiste, we are all out there to create, to have a sense of authenticity and originality within itself, and I find that everything has been done, just it matters how differently you do it, and being compared is flattering, very, very flattering, to be in the same cycle as those artistes, I would never in a million years dream this night would be… and now my name is here (right beside all these other artistes), written down. I just feel that we all have our own voices.


Q: How much does your native culture influence your music making, besides the obvious songs in Malay?

Z: People always ask me that, what is it being Malaysian, or being Asian, mean to you? And I am like, everything! I was born and raised here, therefore my upbringing  had a lot to do with it, therefore my mentality had a lot to do with it, as well as being abroad, and travelling around and meeting different people from other cultures kind of chizzles that down a little bit, and sort of altered and is custom for me. That has a lot to do with… just because I sing in English, that’s it; but the way that I think and the way that I feel is definitely from the lands which I came.

Q: If your time as a musician has come to an end  (touchwood, literally, Zee touching the wooden table) which would be your proudest moment?

Z: My proudest moment  – well, I hope by the time I have a long list of it, but for now, I think, just sort of seeing my parents in the crowd and seeing how proud they are of my achievements, because all of this – like my family and I have been waiting for a while to figure out what am I supposed to do, but when the whole thing came together, they’re like okay, now they know why I’ve got my eccentricity and it all makes sense now, and my proudest moment would be to see the pleased faces of my parents.

Q: How was the process of making Ghostbird like? Did you already have the sound in mind or was it very go-with-the-flow?

Z: It was go-with-the-flow, much like everything I do. Half of the songs were written in Brooklyn, and then the rest of it was written in Florida, Everglades, in the Sampath. It’s a very contrast feel, so you have the hustle and the bustle of the city, and then you have the stillness and the calmness of being in an open environment in the water, so I was left alone with my thoughts for a while, and that made everything very smooth, and flow really nice.


Kevin: You are actually living the dream of many Asian artistes, having a US label and so forth. Do you have any advice for people in the same position with that kind of aspirations?

Z: My advice would just be keep doing what you do, and again I can’t stress this enough, I think the 3 main ingredients that I find worked for me as an artiste are honesty, simplicity and sincerity, for sure, and do not have any expectations. I mean, I am aware that people try very hard to just sort of be out there and to be noticed, but a part of the manifestation of it is to just to do it because you love doing it, and not because it is something that you strive for. And if you work hard enough, someone, somewhere out there will hear your call, and it will definitely be your destiny. So I think a part of that is definitely to just keep doing what you’re doing, because of passion and reason.

CJ: We are writing for Power Of Pop. So you are part of the Asian music scene as well…

Z: Am I?

CJ: Sort of.

Z: Yes!

CJ: In an international kind of way. So what’re your views of the Asian music scene in the big picture (international music scene), and how do you fit in?

Z: Well, how do I fit in? I never fit in before, anywhere, haha. I think the Asian music scene is so vast, and there’s just so many different, you know… it’s definitely quite advanced, if you ask me. Like with the K-pop, and then you have the traditional singers. And you have girls like Joanna Wang from Taiwan, who’s like doing her own thing now, and you have Thao with the Get Down, Stay Down from the States as well. And you have Dengue Fever, who’s this Cambodian group and amazing, amazing. You know, it’s very tasteful at the same time, and I think how I fit in there is just to bring the way that I was brought up, which is to be courteous and considerate, and aware of my surroundings; and at the same time, being warm and welcoming to whoever is around me. Through artistry, it allows me as an Asian woman to have more freedom in expressing myself.

CJ: Share with us something that you face while you’re pursuing this musical journey , like something difficult or an obstacle or something.

Z: Yeah, it’s a huge industry, and everybody knows everyone, and it’s a small world in this industry, but the challenge is just knowing how to feel another person to see if the vibe is well. For me, I embrace everybody just the same. Secondly, when you’re on the road and everything’s amplified, what would take much slower in real time, so you have to grow up really fast. For me as well, I have never been in this industry before, and you have to learn really fast, mental strength. And third is being away from home. Like sometimes it’s hard, because when you’re on the road, you don’t want to eat at Denny’s all the time, you don’t want to go to Waffle House all the time. I want my belacan and my nasi lemak!

CJ: What’s your outlook of life in general and what’s your next goal?

Z: My outlook of life is that life is a grand reception of oneself. Life is your own party, and it’s how you make it.

CJ: So what’s your next goal perhaps, after this album Ghostbird?

Z: After this album, I hope that I would be blessed enough to still be doing this. And hopefully, I will have a third album under my belt, in my belt, or under.

CJ: It’s highly likely that you would have a third album.

Z: Ah, I hope so, haha.

CJ: Any covers that you would like to do next, because you have been doing covers for a while – You had covered Interpol, and you had covered Morrissey. Who would you like to cover next?

Z: There’re so many covers that I would like to do, but I respect the artistes so much that I don’t want to touch them anymore.

CJ: Just one that you would like to touch?

Z: Um, probably a Malay song, like it’s been done already, but I would like to have my take on it, and it’s Getaran Jiwa by P Ramlee. You know Getaran Jiwa? P Ramlee? Okay, check it. (Proceeded to spell it out for the courtesy and stupidity in me) It means fluctuating of the soul; it’s about deep passion for music and melodies.


(while an interviewer prepares himself and his mobile phone for recording, Zee teased him on how he has got some tweets and someone BBM-ed him)

Q: This is the third time you are in Singapore, I understand, first time was a concert in Timbre in 2009, and in 2010 it was a showcase in Stereolounge. So how do you feel about coming back to Singapore again, for your very third time?

Z: It’s great. I have been waiting to play Singapore for a while now, cause everytime I come back, the audience are so… you know, like the exchanges of energy that we have when I’m on stage, and they’re just sort of projecting, so it’s like a mutual love, and that’s one thing that I love about performing in Singapore. And you know, Singapore is like up there with Tokyo, a lot of great artistes come by here, that doesn’t come by Malaysia. Being here, to play here is like an honour. Our neighbouring countries.

Q: So how would you compare Singapore’s music scene and the music scene in Malaysia? Are they like parallel?

Z: I think they’re sort of parallel. I have a lot of friends who are in bands, and they roll around the same circuit like the Singapore bands as well, when they come over there, they are all buddies, and when they come over here, they are all buddies. But I think Singapore has an advantage in a way in terms of music, because there are more opportunities here, I find, in terms of venues, events – you guys had, like Laneway, and so many different types of festivals. I think, when was the last time I followed my friend, One Buck Short, to this festival at Esplanade, a couple of years ago. Was it Beats (corrected to Baybeats by the rest of us)? You guys had that, and you invite Malaysian bands as well, like all good in the hood man.

Q: You were discovered on YouTube by the drummer of The Raconteurs, Patrick Keeler. For artistes, if there wasn’t YouTube and this technology, do you think you would have made a name for yourself without technology?

Z: Well, one thing is going to be my conclusion, is that you can’t fight progress. It’s just inevitable that we will eventually evolve into, like an evolution that will have technology as a necessity. For me, technology, especially the Internet. The cool thing about 2011 – I can’t stress this enough – is the fact that we do have all these outlets on the Internet, like Soundcloud, Bandcamp and YouTube, the power is given back to the artiste, and they are allowed to display their music, their gifts without third parties. So you can still do that, with the help of the Internet, which is basically how I did it. I mean, I did it without any intention of it being a marketing or a promotional tool, but I know of a lot of other people who had gotten discovered through MySpace, because it is there. The Internet is like this huge treasury chest, so many jams, and now people know where to look. And you just look for the jam that speaks to you, and you pick that up. Now record labels are looking for artistes through the Internet, or not even record labels at all! Sometimes you gain followers just by being there, and they are following you – and everybody’s on Facebook now, and Twitter. At the same time it is cool, because there are no filters, no walls in terms of you and your appreciators.

Q: How do you find the food in Singapore?

Z: Gooooood. I haven’t had ayam penyet yet, so I’m gonna get my fix tonight! But I’ve had nasi lemak from Forum (The Shopping Centre).

CJ: Is it up to standard, to Malaysia’s standards?

Z: (silence, dodgy eyes)

(laughter all around)

CJ: I see.

Z: Well, we all stem from the same seed anyway, we all use the same spices, so it was pretty delicious.

Q: Any other food you are looking forward to try in Singapore?

Z: Chilli crab.

Q: They don’t have chilli crab in Malaysia?

Z: Got, but not the same lah!


Q: What’s the best time you are inspired to write music – is it when you are having your breakfast, or on your bed, or?

Z: It usually happens at night, at around 3am, or in the morning when I have my coffee, if I have my instruments. But sometimes it also happens at the most random of times, like when I’m on the plane, and I have the melody in my head, and I just write down the words that come with it. It’s sporadic. But before I used to do it in a routine when at night, and in the morning when I wake up, it’s something that I look forward to.


Thanks to Universal Singapore for setting up the interview.



Perhaps no one artist epitomizes the classic 70s rock era more than Peter Frampton.

Frampton had already established himself as a rock star even before the 70s were well underway with his adventures with The Herd (being voted ‘Face of the Year’ in 1968) and Humble Pie (alongside the late legendary Steve Marriott). Frampton was a triple threat – good looking, equally talented vocalist and lead guitarist, with catchy tunes to boot!

But his 1976 double live album Frampton Comes Alive would encapsulate all his achievements into one handy package which shifted 16 million copies and made Frampton a household name.

For me, the defining moments here are the single hits – Show Me The Way – with the distinctive ‘talkbox’ guitar effect and infectious chorus, the breezy Baby I Love Your Way and the bluesy Do You Feel Like We Do. More than that, Frampton’s style would combine pop, rock, jazz, folk, blues and soul in varying measures which reflected the dizzying eclectic sound of the times.

To this day, Frampton Comes Alive is the go-to album when I need reminding why I love 70s rock the most.


The Chosen Few (Legacy)

Here’s a ‘best of’ compilation with a twist – every one of the tracks on Judas Priest’s The Chosen Few having been selected by other heavy metal/hard rock musicians. Notable amongst them – Ozzy Osbourne opts for Ripper (a live version is featured), Joe Satriani votes for Painkiller, James Hetfield chooses Victim of Changes (another live rendition) whilst Slash includes Screaming for Vengeance.

Nothing particularly shocking, as most of the tracks come from Priest’s heyday (1977 to 1985) and include some of my personal favourites e.g. the visceral Dissident Aggressor, the speed metallic Exciter, the glam-rock-infused Living After Midnight and the power balladic Beyond the Realms of Death.

The perfect introduction to Priest before you zero in on their glorious discography (Stained Class, British Steel, Screaming for Vengeance et al). The diehards would probably have these classic tracks already in their possession. Highly recommended.

Judas Priest (with Lamb of God) rock Fort Canning Park on 20th February. Tickets available at SISTIC.



Black EP

Explosions of colours invade the night sky.

Apollo 18 is a post-hardcore band formed in the suburbs of Seoul, South Korea, in the summer of 2008 (having the words suburbs and summer closely connected in a sentence always sounds appropriately cool). Made up of Hyunseok Choi (guitars/vocals), Daeinn Kim (bass/vocals) and Sangyun Lee (drums), they have performed in numerous music festivals around the world, inclusive of the renowned SXSW festival in the US.

Clear as the colour it represents, the Black EP glides along in its respective shades of grey and darkness. Their previous EPs are coincidentally and conveniently titled Red, The Blue Album and Violet EP. Colourblind, anyone?

Mur opens up the EP to an intimate start, with early and naive traces of Stereophonics, Coldplay and even Elbow lingering in its aftertaste. But just when the listeners think that the sea at large is at its peaceful calm, the band decides to showcase its dynamic and differentiating sounds, and starts its own soundwaves. True post-hardcore is continued in its prideful stride till the 4-track EP’s end, presenting Apollo 18 with crossroads and the definite choice of many music journeys to come.


Check out the teaser below

Official Site


The latest installment of the Esplanade Youths Budding Writers begins in mid-December 2011, leading up to coverage of Baybeats Festival 2012 in June next year! As with this year’s program, I will be your willing mentor so… what are you waiting for? Apply now! Full information at the Esplanade Youths site.

I will be waiting…




Here are deluxe packages befitting the legacy of Queen. The skinny follows.

As Queen’s 40th Anniversary year celebrations – begun earlier this year with the spectacular Stormtroopers in Stilettos exhibition – draw to a close, the band is to launch two limited edition 40th year commemorative sets which are certain to become among the most highly desired collectables among fans and gatherers of rock memorabilia.

Available from December 5 in limited edition and individually numbered sets of  only 5000 units worldwide – in reality 4,999 as in each case number 1 is being held back for charity auction, the two pieces are designed to be timeless reminders of Queen’s iconic imagery and historic achievements as performers and recording artists.

Defining Queen’s regal rule over the music record books of the past 40 years is the Queen Orb USB Gift Box:

A luxurious black velvet lined gift box inside which is found a majestic golden orb emblazoned with a Queen logo and gothic designs. The top crest, modelled on the famous Queen logo, removes to reveal a USB drive containing all of Queen’s 15 remastered studio albums in audiophile quality, and a photo gallery. Inside the orb lies a gold-plated Queen crest pendant necklace resting in a red velvet collector’s bag.  Audio content is provided in 48kHz 24bit WAV (better than CD quality!) and MP3 (320kbps) formats, fully compatible with PC and Mac.

Album audio content:
Queen (1973) Queen II (1974) Sheer Heart Attack (1974) A Night at the Opera (1975) A Day at the Races (1976) News of the World (1977) Jazz (1978) The Game (1980) Flash Gordon (1980) Hot Space (1982) The Works (1984) A Kind of Magic (1986) The Miracle (1989) Innuendo (1991) Made In Heaven (1995)

For further images and to order go to:

The Queen Live At Wembley Super Deluxe Gift Box Set is for anyone who has ever wished they might have been part of the back-stage crew at Queen’s final and most famous London concerts, Wembley Stadium July 11 and 12, 1986, played towards the end of the band’s the Magic Tour which finished with the band’s very last ever concert – Stevenage Knebworth Park, 9 August, ‘86 .

This box set comes in the form of a typical touring flight case, packed as full as your standard roadie’s tour survival kit, with replica concert tickets and VIP passes, official touring shirt -in this case the “Magic characters” Hawaiian shirt, crew passes and stickers, regulation scarf for waving during the show,  an inflatable Freddie cartoon character (based on the giant inflatable used in the stage show),  and in case you might be an apprentice roadie learning the way, even a tour map,  this one a 1986 tour map replica from the original hand-drawn by Brian May’s father, Harold May.

And lest we forget why these Wembley shows are considered among Queens finest moments, the main attraction lays in 2 DVDs  – the full shows each night July 11 and 12 with plenty of previously unseen bonus footage including secretly filmed footage of the band’s tour rehearsals, plus two CDs of live recordings of the Saturday night show.

An instant kit to becoming a Queen roadie and to relive some of Queen’s most glorious moments.

Gift Box includes:

  • Photo book featuring rare photos from the Magic Tour
  • Queen- Live At Wembley Stadium 2-Disc DVD Set- NTSC multi region
  • Queen – Live at Wembley Stadium 2-Disc CD Set
  • Replica Concert Tickets and VIP Passes
  • Full Page Tour Ad
  • Hand-Drawn 1986 Tour Map Replica Poster by Harold May (Brian’s father)
  • “Friends Will Be Friends” Scarf
  • “Magic characters” Hawaiian shirt (available in two sizes S/M and L/XL)
  • Inflatable Freddie cartoon character doll
  • Flight case style packaging

Disc One: Live At Wembley Stadium Saturday, 12th July, 1986
1. One Vision
2. Tie Your Mother Down
3. In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited
4. Seven Seas Of Rhye
5. Tear It Up
6. A Kind Of Magic
7. Under Pressure
8. Another One Bites The Dust
9. Who Wants To Live Forever
10. I Want To Break Free
11. Impromptu
12. Brighton Rock Solo
13. Now I’m Here
14. Love Of My Life
15. Is This The World We Created
16. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
17. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
18. Tutti Frutti
19. Gimme Some Lovin’
20. Bohemian Rhapsody
21. Hammer To Fall
22. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
23. Big Spender
24. Radio Ga Ga
25. We Will Rock You
26. Friends Will Be Friends
27. We Are The Champions
28. God Save The Queen

Disc Two: Live At Wembley Stadium Friday, 11th July, 1986
1. One Vision
2. Tie Your Mother Down
3. In The Lap Of The Gods … Revisited
4. Seven Seas Of Rhye
5. Tear It Up
6. A Kind Of Magic
7. Under Pressure
8. Another One Bites The Dust
9. Who Wants To Live Forever
10. I Want To Break Free
11. Impromptu
12. Brighton Rock Solo
13. Now I’m Here
14. Love Of My Life
15. Is This The World We Created
16. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
17. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
18. Tutti Frutti
19. Bohemian Rhapsody
20. Hammer To Fall
21. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
22. Radio Ga Ga
23. We Will Rock You
24. Friends Will Be Friends
25. We Are The Champions
26. God Save The Queen

Bonus Features:

The Magic Tour: Approx 12min feature containing new interview filmed with Brian and Roger in 2011.

The Wembley Weekend: Approx 25min feature where Brian and Roger describe what went into these legendary concerts filmed in 2003

Rehearsal: Secretly filmed footage from the bands rehearsal for the Magic Tour

CD Tracklistings

CD One:
1. One Vision
2. Tie Your Mother Down
3. In The Lap Of The Gods… Revisited
4. Seven Seas Of Rhye
5. Tear It Up
6. A Kind Of Magic
7. Under Pressure
8. Another One Bites The Dust
9. Who Wants To Live Forever
10. I Want To Break Free
11. Impromptu
12. Brighton Rock Solo
13. Now I’m Here

CD Two:
1. Love Of My Life
2. Is This The World We Created…?
3. (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
4. Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)
5. Tutti Frutti
6. Gimme Some Lovin’
7. Bohemian Rhapsody
8. Hammer To Fall
9. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
10. Big Spender
11. Radio Ga Ga
12. We Will Rock You
13. Friends Will Be Friends
14. We Are The Champions
15. God Save The Queen

For further product information and to order go to:

Singapore readers will be pleased to know that the Orb will be available at That CD Shop and the deluxe box set will be available at That CD Shop and Gramophone from 5th Dec!


Alright! Here we go. As you probably know by now, Train and Mike Posner will be performing at *SCAPE for a special concert put together by SONY. This special concert begins at 7pm on Saturday, 3rd December 2011 and closes SONY’s Uphoria event on a high! Well, the good news is that the kind folks at SONY have given Power of Pop three pairs of VIP tickets for this special concert and in order to stand a chance of winning a pair of VIP tickets, you need to do the following: –

First, follow us at Twitter @powerofpop

Second, retweet our special tweet promoting SONY Uphoria in its entirety.

It’s that simple. So follow us now on Twitter and look out for that special tweet.

And… if you’re not sure what’s in store, check out videos of Train and Mike Posner below.

For more info, visit the SONY Uphoria site.

Note: The decision of Power of Pop in relation to the selection of contest winners is final.


Mention the name “Ozzy Osbourne” and chances are the notorious legend of the rock star biting off the head of a bat thrown on stage in 1982 will rear its ugly head (sorry). Pretty much the reputation of Osbourne is built on being the original singer of Black Sabbath and being the ultimate rock madman (primarily in the 80s, after being sacked by Sabbath).

This documentary attempts to present Osbourne in all his contradictory glory. The satanic figure who kneels in silent prayer before a gig, the drug-addled alcoholic who has been clean and sober for the last five years, the heavy metal pioneer who’s favourite band is The Beatles and so on.

Opening in the present, the documentary follows Osbourne on tour at various locations around the world – his rituals, his preparations and his process. Then, we are presented with a history lesson as Osbourne and various relevant interviewees – Black Sabbath members, his wife Sharon, his five children and even Paul McCartney (!) – share insights into the life and times of Osbourne.

Of course, much screen time is given over to accounts of Osbourne’s crazed antics that even outgross Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee, no slouch in the rabble rousing stakes himself! Osbourne’s self destructive habits continue even as he is reinvented as reality star in the Osbournes, which unfortunately only cements his reputation as the aging rock star drunk.

However, there is a happy ending to the narrative as Osbourne reveals that he managed to pull his life from the abyss of alcoholism and drug addiction due to the example of his youngest son, Jack. A touching resolution to this cautionary tale of rock n roll excess. Ozzy and metal fans in general will no doubt enjoy the intriguing insights into Osbourne’s life.

View the movie trailer below

Buy God Bless Ozzy Osbourne from Amazon


Lulu (Universal)

Unfortunately this unlikely pairing is one collaboration that seems doomed to failure both on paper and in practice. The problem is that there are no melodies whatsoever as Reed performs spoken word poems over Metallica riffs with James Hetfield  providing the occasional ham-fisted ‘chorus’ variation. Reed is no stranger to unusual career choices – the atonal white noise exercise Metal Machine Music the prime offender – and as for Metallica, this play for ‘credibility’ smacks of desperation. Honestly, there is absolutely nothing to recommend on Lulu even for the most faithful of Reed or Metallica fans. Critics have almost universally panned this album, now widely described as the worst of the year – an assessment that is virtually impossible to disagree with. Avoid.


It’s probably a bit of a cliche but Singapore is fast becoming an ‘indie’ music hub of sorts for South-East Asia. As it is, the likes of Laneway Festival and The People’s Party (slated for 2012) are already making waves in the region and taking the jump on them both will be Up To The Sky Festival to be held on 3rd December 2011.

Up To The Sky Festival will focus primarily on Singaporean and regional acts, with a couple of international acts thrown in for good measure. Which immediately sets it apart from Laneway Festival, where no Singaporean or regional bands have been invited to participate.

Held at the Old School (which will be making way for even more condos – that’s progress for ya!), indie music fans will be thrilled to find out that the lineup consists of the following – Mogwai (DJ Set), Bani Haykal, The Great Spy Experiment, MUON, Deerhoof, Cambodian Space Project, Deerhoof, Tenderfist, They Will Kill Us All, The Dorques, Orange Grass, The Trees and the Wild, White Shoes and the Couple Company, Sore, Zebra and Snake, Chad Valley, 9Maps and Little Fox.

More information at the Official Site.

Tickets available at Gatecrash, S.A.M Machines, SingPost Offices, STB TicketCube@Orchard.


Fred Perry Subculture Night – The Perfect Fifth at Zouk, Singapore

The fifth time worked the charm – and shamefully, it was my very first.

Fashion and music reunited once again for another night out in this city, this time around for Fred Perry, well-known for its laurel wreath, tip and tennis connection. Head-turning performing bands were all dolled up in their latest apparel, while striking their very own musical stuff onstage. It was good to see them drenched (applicable to both bands and apparels here).

The night of music opened up with We The Thousands, rocking it out like true progressive and alternative rockstars do, and it could not have been a better way to jumpstart the night and the mood of the show into. Anthems-arising, punchline-worthy and heartfelt emotions were delivered rocksteadily throughout their set, and it would not have been a complete We The Thousands set without the lads leaving us begging for more with a rockout and “dramatic” finale that involved some very active pouncing about the limited space stage.

The Lost Hat serenaded the mixed crowd of some foreigners and mostly hippies next. With samples and background of different musical instruments, they engaged the crowd more so with their charisma, clearly knowing and hitting on the right notes and spots that the audience were all just out to have a good ball of a Friday night time. Lead singer Faizal Bohtiar did his best in pouring out his feelings into the microphone and onto the stereos, and nothing beats that with a smart cap (probably from Fred Perry, too) and an accordion in hand. Some soulful singalong, accompanying handclaps and bodies swaying were infectiously caught on. The Lost Hat looked more than pleased to have worked and engaged the crowd in this way and manner they did.

Heavyweights Plainsunset rounded up the enjoyable night, and was the main reason for the attendance of many out there that night. How did I know that, you may ask? The lips motioning and singing along clearly and in sync with the lyrics of their songs, and the noticeable male fanatic standing directly below Jonathan Chan, messy hair-banging to every tune, whom was also namedropped collectively by the band members. This definitely comes with the many years of experience and being in the local music scene, which we all have to give kudos to the band for staying and sticking around for some long, in something we all know could be tougher than meets the eye and a constant struggle to find oneself in. To all Plainsunset fans that were not there, here’s something to get jealous about – they debuted a new track that they had been working on for the first time.

Thank you to all the bands that performed and lit up the stage that night – rounding up: We The Thousands, The Lost Hat and Plainsunset – and not forgetting, making it possible, Fred Perry. And thanks for the Fred’s Punch, a special cocktail concocted by 42 Below given freely throughout the night! We had a blast, and till the next time.




The gentrification of rock is something one cannot escape, considering the fact that rock ‘n’ roll first reared its zeitgeist-defining head in the 1950s. With this comes the distancing between rock ‘n’ roll and its original raison d’être as an outlet for teenage rebellion. Still, it must be said that for certain artists now firmly in the twilight of their careers, the music remains the focal point.

Definitely, Elton John – despite the controversies over the years concerning his sexuality, his eating disorders and elaborate stage costumes – is (in the final analysis) all about the music. Certainly there was a certain stiffness about the atmosphere at the Indoor Stadium initially as the front rows of (high priced) seats seemed intent to cross their arms and appear bemused at the phenomenal show that was unfolding before them. This was not helped by the ushers stopping the audience from standing up and dancing in their seats or approaching the stage – presumably that would have disrupted the enjoyment of the high-paying patrons at the front (who were killjoys to begin with)!

None of this was down to the fantastic performances that was happening on stage it must be emphasized. 2Cellos, a pair of cellists from Croatia, kicked off the night’s festivities with virtuositic deliveries of popular rock numbers, in particular Welcome to the Jungle, With Or Without You and Smells Like Teem Spirit. The majority of the 10,000 strong crowd certainly enjoyed the efforts of 2Cellos and demonstrated such appreciation wildly.

The moment 2Cellos finished, Elton and band launched into Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting and it was all systems go! And from then on it was almost three hours of non-stop hits and even more impressive improv moments. For the former, the likes of Tiny Dancer, Honky Cat (!), Candle in the Wind, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Daniel, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me, Philadelphia Freedom, Bennie and the Jets brought tears to the eyes. Backed by a crack band that included stalwarts Davey Johnstone (guitar) and Nigel Ollsson (drums), the years rolled back and I certainly felt 15 again!

For the latter, Elton demonstrated his ability to lead a prolonged improv session with codas to Madman Across the Water and most significantly to Rocket Man which ran the gamut from blues, jazz, soul and even prog rock! Definitely, Elton and band were never content to go through the motions but proved what magnificent musicians they all were in the process.

Finally, for the last few songs, the audience were allowed to approach the stage and we were now treated to rollicking renditions of The Bitch Is Back (!) and Crocodile Rock – now this was more like it! Why did the organizers leave this to the end only? If anything that was the main letdown to an otherwise perfect night of awesome rock ‘n’ roll.

And an amazing night it was too – embellished by the presence of actor Kevin Spacey (whom Elton introduced, much to the obvious delight of the audience) – and it was such a pity that it had to end. Sure, I would have loved to hear Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding, Someone Saved My Life Tonight or even Ticking but really there was no arguing with that red-hot setlist. Through it all, it was obvious that Elton was having a ball and there is little doubt in my mind that we will never see an artist like him ever again. I am so very glad that even though it took me 35 years to do so, I finally watch Elton John live. Long may he run…

Thanks to Sammy Shirra-Moore for making this review possible. Pictures by Aloysius Lim/Live Music.



Back from the US for Christmas, Singaporean rocker Inch Chua celebrates this festive season the only way she knows best: through music.

Bringing a mixture of tunes from her debut album ‘Wallflower’ and songs from her upcoming album ‘The Colour Wheel’, she and her backing band, the Metric System will tear through a setlist of crowd favourites and a selection of festive tunes.

We are still firming up appearances by special guests as well.

If it’s not just the season to be jolly, it’s also Inch’s birthday as well. So come by and have a great night with Inch Chua & The Metric System!

Ticket: S$18 (Limited to 100 seats) Get your tickets at:



Good Charlotte 18 November 2011 The Coliseum at Hard Rock Hotel, Resorts World Sentosa

Good Charlotte was in town for their second concert in Singapore on Friday night, held at The Coliseum in Resorts World Sentosa’s Hard Rock Hotel. Support act Urbandub opened with an excellent set and the night was enjoyable overall, apart from the terrible sound quality. The moshing was rough and unsuccessful crowd-surfers plentiful, while VIPs hobnobbed at the back of the venue, with Jack flowing and platters of foods being served to them. There was a great contrast between the VIPs and main audience, and the setup of the entire event could definitely have been arranged in a less jarring manner.

Urbandub opened the concert earlier than the slated time (8pm), and pumped the crowd up with songs such as First of Summer and A Call To Arms. The crowd was surprisingly open with their reception of the Filipino band, perhaps due to encouragement from the roaring and enthusiastic Filipino fans present. But singer Gabby’s repeated calls to sing along fell flat, since most were unfamiliar with their material. Nevertheless, the band put on a performance that had some of the crowd rocking along and certainly set the mood for Good Charlotte’s arrival onstage.

The filler segment in between the sets sent the audience into a frenzy, as freebies such as merchandise from Radio 91.3 and event posters were thrown into the crowd. The squeezing and pushing at this point were only a tiny indicator of what was to come later with the arrival of Good Charlotte. Weezer’s Blue Album played before the arrival of the band, since Good Charlotte had just performed the album in full in Australia.

The five-piece band from Maryland, USA, then took their places onstage promptly 15 minutes later, to screams and a mad rush of pushing among the predictably black-clad crowd. Walking onstage to Introduction to Cardiology, the band quickly jumped into The Anthem and a slew of songs from their second album, The Young and Hopeless. The audience euphorically sang along and everyone present was covered in sweat within two songs. The band seemed to recognise that their older material were more popular with Southeast Asian audiences, as songs from their second album made up half their set. Despite their first album being more obscure in the worldwide context, the crowd never missed a beat as they shouted out the words to Little Things, The Motivation Proclamation and Festival Song.

Madden twins Joel and Benji interacted most with the crowd throughout the concert, repeatedly asking the audience what they wanted to hear, while guitarist Billy Martin jammed, sprung and jumped around the stage. Drummer Dean Butterworth (who joined the band in 2007) and bassist Paul Thomas chose to stay in the background for the entire performance. They performed popular hits such as Dance Floor Anthem, The River, Like It’s Her Birthday and more from their 2010 effort, Cardiology, but it was peculiar that they left out many tracks from their third album, The Chronicles of Life and Death. As Joel sang the opening words to We Believe to test the crowd, the audience collectively sang out the rest of the line for him, leading him to comment that audiences in no other country besides Argentina and Singapore knew the words to that song. Though Benji had commented in interviews that the Chronicles record was selfish and did not do as well commercially, they did oblige the audience’s want to hear more songs from that record by launching into I Just Wanna Live.

Making comments such as “I’m not telling you what music to like and I’m not talking about anyone”, and “like what you like and stick to your guns”, Joel and the rest of the band could do no wrong with the crowd full of hardcore fans. Ending their set abruptly with their breakthrough hit Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, they left the crowd chanting “we want more!” After coming back with an encore of a mashup of The Story Of My Old Man and Blink 182’s Dammit, they left the stage and fans eagerly climbed over the barriers for guitar picks, towels, setlists and everything else they could grab before security came and shooed them away. As the crowd left the venue bruised and battered, there was a sense of satisfaction among most of the crowd with what they had witnessed, and stealing food from the VIP tables surely added to that immense pleasure.

(Melissa Ng)


Jarle Bernhoft is a name many might not have uttered before. Perhaps if you’re an avid fan of the Ellen show, you might have caught him demonstrating his amazing talent a month ago. For those who have not, continue reading. Bernhoft is a Norwegian musician, composer, lyricist and multi instrumentalist. Originally from a Norway rock band called Span, he was the vocalist and songwriter but they broke up in 2005. Bernhoft then ventured out and collaborated with various Norwegian artists before releasing his first solo album Ceramik City Chronicles in 2008.

Bernhoft has a mixture of Jamie Callum come James Morrison with a pinch of John Mayer and a well prepared dressing spoonful of Jason Mraz, all dropped into a bowl of your musically gastronomical salad. His passionate vocals oozing out from every note he sings and the delivery of the careful technical skills, interprets his songs onto another level. His outrageous skills in creating loops in between and breaking into guitar riffs, at the same time maintaining his sleek voice throughout his performances. Most artists nowadays tune in much to the technical side thus abandoning the vital connection with their listeners. I think that’s one of the many reasons why Jarle Bernhoft’s music was a major head turner for me – the authenticity of his unique melody rippled through his song delivery made music listening much more gratifying.

Jarle Bernhoft released his second solo album entitled Solidarity Breaks this year. Sadly Amazon is the only place to purchase his 12 track album. But hey, there is still hope for better music rather than the hype tunes these days. *Cough* Justin *cough* Bieber. Good music will suffice! Norway is taking over the air waves, soon enough.

(Eli Mahirah)

Check out one of his performances from his double live album 1:Man 2:Band.


If Not I’ll Just Die

Lambchop is back with a new album, Mr M, to be released in February 2012. Can’t wait that long? Then here’s a teaser for you – this simply gorgeous slab of string-swept Brill Building show tune sweetness with one of the finest opening lines I’ve heard in many a year… magnificent! Now this is what I call ‘alternative music’.

Lambchop – If Not I’ll Just Die by MergeRecords

Official Site


RESET (Steam)

It isn’t difficult to fall in love with Don Richmond’s latest EP – just press play! Five tracks of simple beauty that belies the blood, sweat and tears obviously poured into every single one. Like Bruno Mars and Ceelo Green, Richmond is never shy to mine the rich vein of ‘old-school’ goodness offered up by 60s & 70s pop ‘n’ soul. Not comfortable with ‘old-school’? Then think of the terms ‘timeless’ and ‘classic’ instead!

No mere hyperbole as tracks like the flowing Beautiful, the infectious Turn Me On, the rustic A Little Song For You, the retro-delicious Sweetness and the fragile Flower reveal Richmond’s melange of richly mellifluous influences – from Stax-Motown R&B to early 70s singer-songwriter folk to Burt Bacharach soft-pop. The ease in which Richmond is able to pull out nuggets of sublime melodic lines with pitch-perfect vocals is staggering.

Let me make this clear – if Don Richmond was an American, he would be bigger than Bruno Mars. Nuff said.

Facebook page


(Press release)

Party With Sony at UPHORIA

The Very Latest Music, Movies, Games, Mobile Phones & Electronic Gadgets await visitors at the biggest party in town!

18 November 2011, Singapore – Come 3rd December 2011, *SCAPE located along Orchard Link will be magically transformed into an all-encompassing Sony lifestyle experience for party-goers. Called UPHORIA Party With Sony, this fun-filled, highly interactive extravaganza will feature exciting offerings from the various Sony companies in Singapore.

“Sony is more than an electronics company- we are a total entertainment company and this party aptly demonstrates this fact. For the consumer, UPHORIA Party With Sony represents the best opportunity for them to experience the latest variety of consumer electronics products, music, movies and PlayStation® games- all within the convenience of a single location,” said Mr. Narihiko Uemura, Managing Director of Sony Electronics Asia Pacific and Sony Electronics Singapore.

UPHORIA Party With Sony is the perfect platform to highlight Sony’s seamless integration between hardware and “heartware”- the rich range of content that only Sony is able to provide. It also epitomizes the spirit of “make.believe”, our global message that harnesses the power of people’s creativity coupled with the ability and desire to turn dreams to reality”.

UPHORIA Party With Sony represents the culmination of several months of activities that started in July with the “Like Creativity Love Sony” photography-based contest and the “Like Performing Love Sony” event- a singing contest held throughout the region. Winners of the various contests won attractive prizes with the Grand Finals of the singing contest taking place at UPHORIA Party With Sony.

The latest Sony gadgets will be highlighted at several experience zones; for example Loft will provide access to BRAVIA Internet TV services and visitors can experience first-hand the unique media “throwing” function of the latest Tablet S. At the aptly-named Sweet Treats zone visitors can relax and test the latest digital cameras. 3D Studio will showcase award-winning 3DTVs, 3D digital cameras, 3D VAIO computers, as well as a special Sony Ericsson PLAY Stadium and PlayStation® Game Pit focusing on mobile gaming contests. For football fans, try to top the FIFA12 tournament on PlayStation®3 while at the same time you can enjoy the same game at the event on the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ PLAY smartphone. And as a first for Singapore, the HMZ-T1 3D Head Mounted Display will be on demonstration at the Loft to wow the crowds.  Also find out more about Sony’s eco contributions at the Eco Park and test the latest αDSLR lenses and 3D Digital Binoculars at the Vantage Point.

Another highlight of the party will be performances throughout the day by regional Sony Music artistes like Slot Machine from Thailand, Hao Ren from Malaysia and Singapore’s very own Julia Abueva. This will culminate in an exclusive night concert showcasing renowned international acts Train and Mike Posner.

There will also be screenings of the latest movie “The Smurfs” from Sony Pictures. But perhaps the movie highlight of the event would be the exclusive first screening of the latest Adam Sandler blockbuster movie “Jack and Jill”.

All throughout the day many exciting entertainment activities like PlayStation® games and music performances are promised and visitors can be assured of a fun-filled day with Sony for the whole family. Entry to the UPHORIA Party With Sony is free though tickets would be required to attend the exclusive night concerts by the regional and international Sony Music performances.

UPHORIA Party With Sony will be on:

Saturday, 3rd December 2011

12pm to 6pm (Events & Activities Open to the Public)

7pm* to 10pm (Concert: Train and Mike Posner Exclusive to Ticket Holders Only)

*Doors open at 7pm & concert scheduled to start at 7.45pm

Location: *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237978

Stay tuned for information on how YOU can obtain tickets for the Train/Mike Posner concert by following us on Twitter @poweropfop.


Tis a good time to be a S-ROCK fan! Especially this weekend as two significant events take place which spotlight the local talents we have in our very own indie music scene.

First up, on Friday 18th November, the fifth installment of Fred Perry Subculture Night goes down at Zouk from 8pm (doors open at 7.30pm) with We The Thousands, Lost Hat and punk vets Plainsunset. On Saturday, 19th November, the likes of In Each Hand A Cutlass (above), Ingride, Run Neon Tiger, Obedient Wives Club, Cheating Sons and Plainsunset (once again!) bring S-ROCK to Tiong Bahru Park for LEPA(R)K!

So there you go – take your pick or take it all – the choice is yours. Fly the flag, come on down, see you in the pit…



Live at “Le Mouv” Radio Performance

Power of Pop is always on the lookout for new music of substance, sounds we hope will one day stand the test of time. Stillwater band Other Lives seems like a solid candidate for our recommendation. This quartet manages to combine the rustic sensibilities of Americana (think: Fleet Foxes) with the experimental soundscapes of Sigur Ros! No wonder that the band will be opening for Radiohead during the latter’s upcoming US tour.

Formed around the nucleus of singer-songwriter Jesse Tabish, cellist Jenny Hsu and drummer Colby Owens – Other Lives released a well-received debut in 2009 and latest offering Tamer Animals has already become a critics’ pick. Personally, I discern in Tabish and co, a vague debt to Neil Young, Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan, Van Dyke Parks and John Lennon – all references points nobody in their right mind would argue against.

We have two goodies for you – first a video of a recent live performance at the French radio programme “Le Mouv” and secondly, a free download of the track, For 12. Keep an eye out for Other Lives and enjoy…

Official Site


LIVE LIMITED AND MARINA BAY SANDS are pleased to announce that due to overwhelming demand, additional tickets for ELTON JOHN AND BAND have been released for this Sunday’s concert.

Sir Elton John arrived in Singapore today & said, “I am very excited to be here and really looking forward to the concert with my Singapore fans on Sunday night”.

As tickets have now SOLD OUT, additional side and rear view seats have now been released.

Colleen Ironside of Live Limited said, “The additional seats are some of the best seats in the house which provide a fabulous view of the stage. The release of these seats also enables us to help meet the huge demand for tickets.”

Not only does 2011 mark 40 years since Elton John played his first show, but on Oct 8th he played his 3000th public concert.

Joining Elton on his “Greatest Hits Tour” will be his long-time band; Davey Johnstone, Nigel Olsson, Bob Birch, Kim Bullard and John Mahon. The band will also be joined by the incredible Rose Stone (Sly And The Family Stone), Lisa Stone, Tata Vega and Jean Witherspoon on backing vocals. Opening up the night will be the Croatian duo, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser of 2CELLOS, for their first appearance here in Singapore.

Don’t miss this unforgettable One-Night-Only rock-n-roll extravaganza & opportunity to hear one of the world’s greatest performers when Elton John and his band return this Sunday night.

Please note: Whilst the Jakarta concert has been postponed to 17th Nov 2012, the Nov Singapore and Malaysia concerts scheduled for this coming Sunday and Tuesday are going ahead as planned.



Additional Tickets Just Released

$248 & $188

($3 Sistic booking fee not included)

Online Booking:

Sistic Hotline: (65) 6348 5555


Nada Surf is back with a new album – The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy – and you can download When I Was Young below. Album will be released in January 2012.



TRYCOLOUR (Music Video)

Something’s definitely going on here with this track from Aussie band The Jezabels’ debut album The Prisoner. The band were recently in Singapore for Music Matters and will be back in 2012 for The People’s Party on 14th January. I’m game if you are…