Jul 152009


ZALLEN Eclectica (Self-released)

Two sides to every coin. Whilst advances in recording technology have meant cheaper costs and the inevitable deluge of music recordings out there, the flip side is that it has also allowed talented musicians to deliver great music without having to relying on loan sharks (i.e. major labels) to graciously provide financing for the proverbial “arm and leg”. Yes, that does mean that for every 100 pieces of crap, you may get one album of worthwhile music but its worth the discovery. And that’s where the Power of Pop comes in…

So… may I introduce to you, loyal visitors, Zallen, a one-man recording machine, who has a few albums under his belt and continues to deliver listenable pop-rock in the classic old-school fashion, that is, with melodicism and imagination. Zallen’s new album – Eclectica – naturally lives up to its name, encompassing mid-70s orch pop ala ELO, late 70s Bowie, early post-punk Talking Heads, 80s-era XTC and maybe even 90s Britpop-styled Blur.

What is astonishing is that Zallen records all instruments/tracks (save for drum programming) live into 24-track digital recorder. Believe me, as a musician and recording artist myself, this is an amazing achievement as each song is brilliantly performed, arranged and produced.

With 14 tracks to suit every pop-rock taste, Eclectica is a dream come true for all lovers of pop music, done the way it should be. After all, even the great Tony Visconti (who produced legendary records for T.Rex and Bowie) is a Zallen fan and frankly, I can’t think of a stronger recommendation than that. Except perhaps, mine…

Check out Zallen’s Myspace page.

Eclectica is available at CDBaby.

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