Andy, Terry, Dave and Colin.

My first XTC LP was English Settlement. I had read quite a few glowing reviews in the music press and when I saw the LP in the stores, I picked it up straightaway.

But the plain fact of the matter was that in the UK/Europe, the album was a double but I bought the US release which was a single LP! That somehow did not affect my enjoyment of the album though!

This was my introduction to XTC – although I had seen them in URGH! A Music War! but their performance of “Respectable Street” did not leave much of an impression.

The album itself was something else. The first three songs were catchy stuff viz. “Runways”, “Ball and Chain” and “Senses Working Overtime”, the latter which was a hit and I’d already heard on the BBC Top 20 radio show. I simply devoured the album for the rest of the year and became determined to find out more about this amazing band and they have been one of my faves ever since!

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