DIY comic book creator Troy Chin is back with a collection of tales that he hopes will “strip away the glamor of the (music) business and expose the sad, pitiful realm where delusions , ego and greed form a potent recipe for disaster.” These humorous short stories serve both as cautionary tales and historical dissertation on the music industry from the viewpoint of insider (Troy actually worked in the music industry in the 00s), fan and critic.

Ultimately this 200 page book is first rate entertainment even if you know nothing about music or the industry – it’s quite easy to get into the stories from a purely human perspective – but of course, if you know a thing or two about the industry, then I am pretty sure that you will have a chuckle or two at some of the familiar characters here. For instance, we have the “by all means necessary” band manager, the out-of-touch A&R rep dinosaur, the obsessive modern-day teenage idol fan, the self-deluded gangsta rapper and  the perennial comeback oldies kings. There’s even a comment or two on the state of the Singapore indie music scene, which may be familiar to regular PoP visitors!

Good fun all around!

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