THE REDEMPTION CENTER Land of Plenty (Blind)

Regular PoP visitors will be aware of my weakness for the gorgeous hybrid of country music and pop-rock that may be variously referred to as country-rock, alt-country, roots-rock, Americana or as the late great Gram Parsons defined it, “Cosmic American Music”. I personally believe that at its best, this country-rock hybrid is at its core, soul music. It’s basic and heartfelt, with words and music that tug at your heartstrings. What more could anyone want from good old fashioned popular rock music?

With songs informed by the messed up melodicism of The Replacements, the charm of the Jayhawks and the ragged glory of Neil Young, Land of Plenty is rustic and rollicking at exactly the right moments. With ‘real’ lyrical concepts rendering meaningfulness, tracks like The Boy Who Shed His Skin, A Man Who Knows A Few Things and the title track will leave a deep impression on the serious music lover who demands a little more than a pretty face and auto tuned vocals from his listening choices.

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