THE PABLOS EP (Self-released)

Wow, what a gem! The opening track, ‘Lose Control” had me hooked from the first beat. Brilliant, faultless production! Great jangly guitars, lovely, creamy bass tone that is appropriately smooth or aggressive when necessary, very solid grooving drums and great, dirty rock-and-roll vocals that have been sorely absent from popular music for far too long. X-factor oozes from every song, everything is exquisitely, tastefully done and comes together beautifully with lots of raw energy. Dancy, upbeat and totally appropriate for a Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show- which is one of the best compliments I can think of for this sort of music. You simply can’t help but start nodding your head and tapping your feet.

The music is well written, genuine, convincing, catchy and immersive. Lots of great dynamics which keep the songs interesting and make them feel like they ought to go on forever.  Would love to catch these guys live- so much infectious energy! Would be incredibly well received at a music festival, in a small club, anywhere really! Their songs needs to be in movies and advertisements already. This is the sort of musicianship that makes other musicians sit up and pay attention.

A total pick-me-up. Love it. Very rarely does a band excite a music reviewer this much. People need to hear this! It must be shared! These guys really need to be famous, three songs are enough for me to say that this is Grade A classic rock right here. I honestly can’t think of any way that this music could be any better. More, more! If they had an album out I would buy it immediately!




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