It’s Heavy In Here

The Observatory may have a reputation for being an arty, cerebral band but deep down the quartet (viz Leslie Low, Vivian Wang, Dharma & Victor Low) is a rock band at heart. Whilst previous album – Dark Folke – had strong elements of neo-folk sprinkled throughout, there is little doubt that the main inspiration for new album Catacombs is music of a heavier nature. Apart from the dirge-like reveries of “Insomnia” and “Anger & Futility”, long time fans may be surprised by the sheer visceral metallic envelopes that the band wrapped this intricate songs in.

The title track is a prime example of this. As heavy as something you might find on that legendary first Black Sabbath album, “Catacombs” is a cathartic squall as Low sings, “Behind these eyes are catacombs”, you will definitely shiver. Likewise on unsettling “Headworm”, the disturbing metaphor is raised – “For the worms in my head/How are you?/You have been with me through thick and thin” Brrrrr. And then there is “Accidentagram”. Is this dark atmospheric track an examination of lunacy? Taking the words and music together, it is a representation of madness that one will find chilling.

There is no pandering to hip and cool tastes on Catacombs. Only an uncompromising honest work of art that expresses the deepest feelings and emotions of the artist and lays them bare for its audience to dissect, absorb and devour. Kudos to The Observatory for being brave and talented enough to bring us all this sonic tour de force.

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