Those of you kind folk who follow me on Twitter or Facebook would be aware that I made an announcement recently about releasing a solo album next year. Yes it’s finally going to happen and it will be called Emo Fascism. The music scholars amongst you will know that this is inspired (or stolen) by the original title of Elvis Costello’s classic LP – Armed Forces, which was Emotional Fascism.

Why that title? Mainly because the last year or so has been an emotional roller-coaster for me and numerous songs have been written directly inspired by events in my life. Yeah so it’s gonna be one of those confessional singer-songwriter thingys. So those of you who have been attending my solo gigs for the last year or so just might recognize a few tunes like “Texas”, “Cliche”, “I Lost Myself” and “Fade”.

In addition, Emo Fascism will also serve as the 20th anniversary celebration release of Watchmen’s Democracy issued in 1993. Thus, the songs on Emo Fascism will parallel many aspects of Democracy. But what am I really looking forward to is working closely with Patrick Chng on the album. Originally, Pat was to be my collaborator on Democracy till my former partner Tony Makarome made a surprise return to Singapore from the USA. So in this sense, things are coming full circle for my first official solo album!

I am also going to get Eric Khoo to design the cover and sleeve artwork (like he did on Democracy) and I believe it’s just gonna be an absolute blast! Not to mention that I am assembling a crack band of musicians who will bring the music of Emo Fascism and Democracy on the road in 2013.

I will be chronicling the progress of Emo Fascism over here, with news updates and the like at and at Twitter @KevinMMathews11.

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