Photo by Thomas Tan

I’ll keep this short and sharpish – the latest entry in the Long and Winding Road that is my musical journey – still not fully recovered from the full-blown nasal drip that caused me to miss two full days of Baybeats 2012. So it’ll just be about my thoughts and feelings about The Fast Colors performance last night.

The Fast Colors was formed as a bit of a lark cos I really wanted to play in a covers band doing versions of my favourite classic pop-rock songs, I was unfortunate to have like-minded souls in Pat Chng and Chris Toh and to us, The Fast Colors has always been about a bit of fun and if folks get into it, then that was a bonus.

The idea to cover Singapore 90s indie rock songs actually came about from an invitation from Timbre Music to The Fast Colors to play a set at Singapore Originals. Somehow the Esplanade got wind of it and suddenly we were playing Baybeats! Unbelievable! I have had fond memories of previous Baybeats and this one would prove to be no exception.

The gig itself was interesting as Chris and I were both severely under the weather but somehow that seemed to loosen us up more than usual. I wasn’t gonna let something like nasal drip get in the way of rockin’ out – at my age, who knows if I’ll get another chance to play at Baybeats? So I attacked the songs with gusto then disaster struck as two strings burst one song after another midway through the set. Even that was not going to stop me dangnammit!

Other than that mishap, everything else went smoothly and everyone was playing the best they could and having fun! So it was hilarious when during the outro of “Cold in Buriram” I turned around to find Chris playing his solo behind his neck and then pretending to smash his guitar before it accidentally slipped out of his sweaty hands and actually hit the floor! Priceless!! Memories like that and the enthusiastic crowd (the Outdoor Theatre is a wonderful venue to play), I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Thank you – Pat, Chris, Boon Gee, Weiye and the Esplanade staff and crew as always and to everyone who turned up that night and made it extra special.

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