You can pretty much line up the influences that fuel The Demon Beat’s rock n’ roll machine and put a string right through them all. Less is Less for me, sums up the trio’s (Adam L. Meisterhans, Tucker Riggleman & Jordan Hudkins) manic agenda for world domination – pillage the best bits of fifty decades of rock n’ roll, pour into a cauldron and stir fuckin’ hard! A strange brew, indeed!

Together with The Whig’s essential new album, Less is Less is one of the best demonstrations of how fresh and vital rock n’ roll can still be in cynical 2012 if you get a bunch of rock beasts who don’t give a fuck about ‘genres’ and crap like that and merely want rock out and have good time doing so!

And I am talking about melodies that you can hum to and not sound like they came from a damned morse code message either! Those of you schooled well enough in rock n’ roll obsessions will recognize references to Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Nirvana, The Who et al to demonstrate that at least there is a certain method to this beautiful madness.

Highlights for me include the stoner rockin’ “Bummer Machine”, the Cobain-channeling “Fingers”, the frenzied punked-out “Song 2 Part 2” and the quirky sludgy “Wünderwäl” (awesome title, btw) but seriously folks, the whole album is worth close inspection. Highly recommended for those of you sick to your tits of the pervading hipster shit.

Rock out with The Demon Beat at Bandcamp.


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