Despite all the hype that has been surrounding The Avengers movie, I had this nagging suspicion that the movie just could not live up to the huge expectations being placed on it. The key issue was whether writer-director Joss Whedon could juggle the four main characters (viz. Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America) and supporting characters (viz. Black Widow, Hawkeye & Nick Fury) and provide a coherent narrative at the same time.

Thankfully, I was proven wrong. In fact, The Avengers is one of the smartest blockbuster movies of recent memory. When you think of the absurdity of recent tentpole films like Avatar, the Pirates of the Caribbean¬†and the Transformers franchises, Whedon’s achievement is even more remarkable.

Plot is simple enough and in this case, it’s an asset. Loki is sent to Earth to conquer it in the name of alien entities and the Avengers are assembled to meet this intergalactic threat. The new team suffers setbacks but find the unity in a common purpose to ultimately defeat Loki and his alien allies. The chemistry amongst the characters is emphasized, special effects work overtime to suspend disbelief and the movie plays out as a very good issue of The Avengers comic and this is where Whedon succeeds wildly.

The post-credits scene revealing the identity of the arch villain of the piece (Thanos!) shows incredible promise for the sequel… but for now, simply sit back and enjoy the sheer epic spectacle of The Avengers!