So here’s my TODAY interview with Jaime Wong. Now, I hope you figured out that that headline came from my editor! But to be fair, I chickened out from coming up with one, so….

Check out the article and don’t forget that Jaime launches her EP on May 15, 7.30pm at Lepark, People’s Park Complex rooftop. Tickets from http://jaimewongep.peatix.com. You can buy the EP on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/album/jaime-wong-ep/id979791050)

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I attended The Gathering with Travis last Friday (1st August) and got to interview Fran Healy and Andy Dunlop backstage. You can read the article over at TODAY online. It was amazing to meet Fran and Andy – really down to earth, charming blokes who care deeply about the music and the fans. A rarity! They made me feel so much at home that I plucked up the nerve to pass them my solo album, Emo FASCISM!

I must take this opportunity to mention Take Two who opened for Travis with much aplomb. Oozing confidence, Take Two put up a dynamic performance with their trademark infectious tunes taking centre stage. One to keep a close eye watch on. In addition, I must thank Sophia Ho, Timothy Ho (Forefront Asia) and Nikki Mahmood-Chee (Hostess Asia) for their wonderful hospitality.

Now, if you want to listen to an audio recording of my interview with Travis, like our Facebook page www.facebook.com/powerofpop and then send an email to info AT powerofpop DOT com for the secret DL link.

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It’s 1st Jan 2014, PoPies (yes just made that up!) — which means that the first big music event viz. St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival Singapore is 24 days away! I’ve got my media pass all sorted out so I guess it’s just a question of counting down the days and hopefully being able to do a couple more interviews – Savages? Kurt Vile? So far, I have interviewed Frightened Rabbit, Haim and The Jezabels for TODAY and it’s been really fun! Fingers crossed?

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Nowadays with streaming sites like Spotify, it’s a cinch to check out the new albums that music tastemakers (like yours truly) are raving about and then you can decide whether you wanna buy the CD or the vinyl versions, download the digital album or just listen. The choice is yours. Here are a couple of recent albums I gave the thumbs up over for, over at TODAY online.

Throwing MusesPurgatory/Paradise: read review

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It’s fair to say that King Kong Jane is one of my favourite S-ROCK bands. I first met the guys back in 2007 when I interviewed them for Baybeats Festival that year – when they were still in school – and since then, it’s always been great to chat with the individual members whenever we’d run across each other at gigs and the like. So from interview subjects to good friends, I have been keen to always follow their progress and it’s a proud moment for me to see them fulfilling their early promise with an excellent debut album – Waiting For Friday. I met the guys (on a Friday!) where we conducted the interview, which was ultimately published in TODAY. As always with a 600 word limit, the piece can never tell the full story. So… here’s the unedited interview in its complete glory…(I hope I attributed the quotes to the right names, though)

What does King Kong Jane – the band – stand for or mean to you?

(long pregnant pause)

Ian – For me, simply put, it’s just a group of guys playing music, what we like, something we enjoy. I don’t have high hopes – ‘world peace’ – it’s just us, playing music that we like to play.

Renquan – Personally, it represents my life where I can stay sane and do something I really like especially when you’re much older when a lot of practical things start setting in, like earning a living. But I think having this part of me, makes me happy – I still have a passion I can pursue. It represents a part of us that didn’t really grow up or get jaded in the rat race. We’ve had this (the band) for so many years and we’ve still doing it!

Colin (who for once is initially speechless!) – For me, I’m someone who loves performing and I’m very glad that we’re still doing what we’re doing because it gives me an outlet to express myself: be it writing lyrics or singing or even band marketing and promotion. It gives me an additional creative outlet that I may not be able to find in other aspects of my life.