You’re coming back to Singapore! What was it like playing in Singapore 1st time around?

Well, it was very brief sadly. We didn’t really see much of the town but looking forward to coming back this time and spending a little bit more time there. It was one of the most beautiful concert halls I’ve played in, no doubt I really saw that but it was a flying visit. But on this occasion I might come a couple of days early on my own. The band will join me the day before the gig. I’m also coming back to do a concert called Music Matters on the 26th of May, so I’ll probably spend a few days there then as well. I’m doing a talk and a workshop.

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Here’s a lively soul pop number with a fun video to boot! It’s awesome to see tons of familiar faces from the local music scene in the video as well (but what about moi?). That sense of playfulness is nicely contrasted with Gareth’s (and band’s) sophisticated image – y’know the suits etc. The song itself has a catchy horn(y) motif and chorus (though the song title seems a bit of a mouthful). Am glad to announce that Gareth’s debut EP will be dropping soon and the launch will be held at Barbershop at Timbre on 22nd October. This suave boy is going places so better get in on the bottom floor before take-off. Tickets available fromĀ http://garethfernandez.peatix.com/

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WAM flyer 2


I love Timbre. It’s been amazing what Danny Loong and Edward Chia have been able to achieve in the last seven years or so. Beginning from the first outlet at Substation, the Timbre Group has expanded to more outlets across the island, organizing popular festivals like Rock & Roots and even providing the backline for the recent completed Music Matters Live.

I know personally that Danny has the best interest of Singapore music in his heart and has always wanted to link the music scenes of Singapore and Western Australia (where he also spent a significant part of his life) together and this weekend’s Beerfest 2014 sees the culmination of that dream with SWAM (Singapore-Western Australian Music Exchange) where three Aussie bands and two Singapore bands (see above) play at Beerfest 2014.

On Sunday 15th, I will be moderating a panel discussion amongst these bands where hopefully there will be a healthy exchange of ideas of how we can – in each respective music scene – help out the other, all for mutual benefit. Believe me, there’s nothing more magical than when musical people come together! So if you’re a local musician and SGMUSO member (natch!) make a date with Beerfest 2014 for Sunday, where the fun begins at 4pm. Please register your interest with SGMUSO at info@sgmuso.org and look forward to seeing you there!