Dec 142012



Where else can one get on a special guest list to watch 5 bands perform on the same stage, with high fashion on the wayside, at a place of significant historical value, and with easily accessible beer to down into stomachs and possibly ruined livers?

Fred Perry seemed to have the answer for that on the Sunday of 2nd December (check in with your own prescribed doctors for the liver problem, please). As always, Fred Perry is injecting its fashion roots into the music scene like it often is well known to have done, to be doing, and will certainly be doing into the future as well, without a doubt.

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Nov 012012

(Amnesty Press Release)

Fred Perry is pleased to announce that 2012 marks Fred Perry’s 60th Anniversary as an icon of street fashion with a unique place in the British style firmament!

To celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary and its unique longstanding relationship with fashion and music, we will be hosting an all-day event which entails the following details:

60th Anniversary Party

Date: Sunday, 2 Dec 2012

Time: 4pm – 11pm

More details to be released on the Official Fred Perry Singapore page

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Aug 092012

The Fast Colors really started as a bit of a lark amongst the three founding members – Chris Toh, Pat Chng and yours truly – a vehicle for the trio of us to indulge in our classic rock fantasies. Also as a bit of an experiment to see if indeed cover bands have more fun in Singapore. Somehow someway the band has evolved into a 90s Singapore indie tribute band! Our last three gigs had seen us presented as some kind of standard bearer for Singapore original music, despite being in essence, a cover band. Go figure, eh?

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Jul 012012

Photo by Thomas Tan

I’ll keep this short and sharpish – the latest entry in the Long and Winding Road that is my musical journey – still not fully recovered from the full-blown nasal drip that caused me to miss two full days of Baybeats 2012. So it’ll just be about my thoughts and feelings about The Fast Colors performance last night.

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May 202012

The line-up for this year’s Baybeats Festival (29 June to 1 July at the Esplanade) is decidedly Singapore-focused with 21 (!) local acts sharing the various stages with acts from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan. The emphasis on Singapore acts befits the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Esplanade, a venue that has impacted the local music scene in a highly positive manner in the last decade.

So mark your calendars on the above dates and look out for Obedient Wives Club, For This Cycle, King King Jane, Black Diamond Folds, Godzilla, Rudra, Rachael Teo, ANECHOIS, Cashew Chemists, The Fast Colors, Embrace Them Ghosts, Great Spy Experiment, Plainsunset, Deon, MONSTER CAT, Pep Talk, Inch Chua & Metric System, Run Neon Tiger, Cockpit, A Town In Fear & In Each Hand a Cutlass.

An exciting time for the indie music scene beckons…