One of the best old school classic pop offerings from anyone in Singapore came from an unlikely source – bilingual singer-songwriter Tay Kexin. Kexin is probably better known in the local pub & club circuit as a wedding singer and somewhat specializing in jazz-pop standards but on this debut 3-song EP, Kexin demonstrates that she will be a force to be reckoned with in the pop market as well.

The first two tracks are Mandarin pop numbers – a little cliched in parts – but the melodic and harmonic goodness will just leave you with chills down spine so those technicalities will fade into irrelevance. Better yet is the sole English track – “Someday You’ll Be” – which is delightfully crafted in 80s soul-pop stylings. Tastefully presented with acoustic guitar, electric piano and breezy vibes, Kexin’s message of positivity rings true down to the sweet vocals (occasional shaky diction, notwithstanding) and backing harmonies. Definitely one of the better local pop songs of 2012.

A triple threat wonder (good looks, good voice and good songwriting!) to keep an eye on!

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An Intimate Sunday Afternoon with Tay Kexin

The date was 14 Oct, the time was just before 1.00pm, and I found myself standing outside of a shophouse in Chinatown, wearing a sticker with my name on it, waiting for Tay Kexin’s showcase to start, wondering exactly what would unfold. It seems I wasn’t the only one thinking these thoughts. Kexin had deliberately kept things under wraps, even from those close to her, so that there would be an element of surprise during her first ever ticketed show, held in conjunction with Crazyworld Café’s 2nd Anniversary happenings.

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