And so Baybeats 2010 is upon us. I happened to be at the Esplanade last night for an unrelated rehearsal and caught a couple of bands sound checking, notably Lunarin who looked (and sounded) in fine fettle. Not much else to say except that if you’re a rock music lover then this festival is not to be missed!

Lineup is over at the Baybeats website. It’s gonna be a cracker! See you all soon!


Check them out tonight at the Marina Promontory.


IRIS 7.45pm


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Baybeats, the annual alternative rock festival, is happening this weekend, 20-22 August, so don’t miss it! Don’t forget to check out the many bands that are playing at various stages around the Esplanade, many of them being the pride and joy of us S-ROCK supporters here at Power of Pop!

The complete line up and schedule can be found at, and do check out the music from the bands on their myspace pages, and support the 8 audition bands this year at the festival (who are excellent, I guarantee), which are Postbox, Run Neon Tiger, Meltg Snow, Cockpit, Duxton Plains, Basement In My Loft, Trella and The Zozi.

And of course, there’s foreign talent as well! An interesting set to catch would be Typewriter’s collaboration with Jon Auer (of The Posies fame) on 20th August at 10pm. Personally, I’m looking forward to catching Jon Auer (US), David Choi (US), Modern Children (HK), Hedgehog (CN) as well as Mixhell (BR) at the festival.

I have with me exclusive Baybeats tracks from the local performing bands, complete with lyric sheets so you can learn them by heart and sing along on the day itself! And for those who aren’t as familiar with S-ROCK, this will be a good introduction to our local music offerings. Simply contact me on Twitter (@melissa31291) or send a message to me on Facebook ( with your email address to get the download link from me!

(Melissa Ng)


More S-ROCK at the Marina Promontory tonight!



Support! Come on down!


Quick heads up! The long-awaited eagerly anticipated Typewriter album – Indian Head Massage – is finally dropping on 20th August! More info here. Review to come.

Catch Typewriter + Jon Auer at Baybeats 2010 this Friday, 10pm at the Outdoor Theatre!


LUNARIN Duae (Aging Youth)

Back in 2006, I had these words to say about Lunarin’s debut album, Chrysalis –

Lunarin is a goth rock trio from Singapore consisting of Linda Ong, Ho Kah Whye and Loo Eng Teck. Sure I realize that this album is distributed by Universal but the Singaporean angle must qualify Lunarin as an “underground” band. The Chrysalis is the kind of moody, atmospheric, dark rock album that the likes of 4AD have been releasing for years. There is a prog-rock edge to many of the tracks that border on pretentious but the fine instrumentation and Linda’s delicate larynx more than compensate. There are some keyboard passages (especially Shiver) that would not be out of place on a arty film score which add to the overall ambience of The Chrysalis. It seldom gets more exotic than this, boys and girls.

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Not forgetting also, over at old *SCAPE, singer-songwriter Zahidah and high-energy (their words, not mine) Swiss band Starch perform from 7pm onwards.

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Who’s performing tonight at the Marina Promontory?


FISHTANK – 7.45pm

TRELLA – 9pm

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And here we are, on the cusp of another Baybeats! I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about catching all the great bands over the course of this festival. Last time out, my head was too wrapped up with playing with Chris Collingwood that I confess that I missed most of the performances. No such distractions this year, I’m glad to report!

First up, we have the bands who auditioned for the right to play at Baybeats. For me, it’s going to be Basement in My Loft, The Zozi, Meltg Snow, Run Neon Tiger, Postbox and Cockpit that will take pride of place. Then we have the S-ROCK contingent viz. Lunarin, Suchness, Rudra, Typewriter and Celina Foo – all worth checking out.

Around the region, we have the likes of Prema Yin (Malaysia), Carlos Castanos, Camerawalls (Philippines), Santamonica (Indonesia), The Standards (Thailand), King Ly Chee (Hong Kong) and more. Further beyond our shores – Jon Auer of The Posies, David Choi (USA), Handsome Fur (Canada), Mixhell feat. Igor Cavalera of Sepultura (Brazil)…

What a lineup! See what I mean, quite a buffet of indie music, don’t you agree?

For full information about dates and time, go to the Baybeats site.

Don’t forget to patronize the various merch tables to get your souvenirs of what will be a truly memorable rock event! You know the drill, come up and say hi! I’m the guy with the silver hair…

Songs From The Year Of Our Demise Only You Face Control


TAB is a new music bar situated at the end of Orchard Road. As strange as this might sound, TAB is a musician’s dream. So instead of making the bar counter the centre stage of the venue, the performance stage occupies pride of place in this unique venue. What about the bar counters? They are on opposite sides of the stage in the corners, out of sight, but serving a distinct functional purpose. With a spacious hall that gives you sufficient leg space for adequate comfort and strategic positioning for the excellent sound coming from the stage.

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In between the two nights of SINGfest madness, I spent a chilled out evening at TAB with Rachael Teo, listening to Angie Mattson. In her hour-long set, she played songs that I could properly relate to – based very much on the country-folk-blues that I myself indulge with most of the time. It’s obvious that Angie is the consummate pro, watching her utilizing her iPhone to provide percussive backing on a couple of tracks was inspiring and her guitar playing is note perfect. This lady has played a lot of gigs, for sure!



It’s official – NYC post-punk revivalists Vampire Weekend will perform at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 26 October at 7.30pm.

Tickets will be priced at $68, $88, $108, $128 & $148 (excl SISTIC fees). Priority booking for fans of Greenhorn Productions facebook page will be on 27 August 2010 (a password for priority booking will be issued 1 week prior to sales launch). Public booking will be launched on 28 August 2010. All sales will be through SISTIC. More information at Greenhorn Productions page at Facebook.

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Vampire Weekend



SINGfest 2010: Day 3

The previous 2 days at SINGfest 2010 had generated a certain discontent within the S-ROCK community. The New Paper had treated the S-ROCK representatives for Day 1 (Inch Chua and the Metric System) with contempt when their reporter Germaine Lim described them as “one local band” – without bothering to even identify them! On Day 2, hip-hop Singapore band SIXX was bumped from their opening slot when Kanye West overran his soundcheck.

Thus it was left to the Great Spy Experiment to put things in perspective. Yes, those of us in the Singapore music community may be marginalized but that’s not going to stop us from making the best music we can and enjoying every minute of it. And so GSE proved. A short set it must be said but whoever bother to pay attention were rewarded with a rocking, jumping and bopping selection of GSE wonders. Newer tracks like Wasted and Lights dominated (as the band are prepping for their sophomore album) but as always it was the now-legendary Class ‘A’ Love Affair that got the crowd singing along. Listen without prejudice, boys and girls.

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COSMIC ARMCHAIR is an Electronic Pop duo based in Singapore and its music has been distributed internationally. Cosmic Armchair’s unique brand of electronic pop music has been described as “Trance with a New Wave feel”. On their latest album, A Different View, Cosmic Armchair combines dance and future pop influences with thought-provoking lyrics and driving beats in 5 fresh and original Electronic Pop Songs. Cosmic Armchair shares its secrets about music making.

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Day 1: 3rd August 2010

Got to the Fort Canning Park at about 5.45pm to meet June and we joined the queue (there’s a queue?). Mostly kids of course, as the queue snaked its way to the “back” entrance. Organizers keep changing the entrance so I’m getting confused. Anyways, by the time we reached the field, the familiar voice of Inch Chua gave me a warm greeting.

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Sound Out Singapore is a campaign against sex trafficking of young women and children in Singapore and Southeast Asia. The campaign is driven by the National Committee of UNIFEM Singapore, an agency of the United Nations that works to empower women and address inequalities. As part of this campaign Sound Out Singapore is working with The Body Shop in their global ‘STOP’ campaign. More information about the agency and campaign can be found at: | Facebook | Unifem

Sound Out Singapore is looking for bands / musicians to contribute original tracks to the campaign to help ‘Sound Out’ against sex trafficking. The songs or musical pieces should either incorporate the bell – a symbol of the campaign, as an audio element, or contain lyrics reflecting the issue of sex trafficking and the ideas of liberation and emancipation from sex trafficking. The tracks can be in any genre and in English and other languages.

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