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Paris in the Making
Paris in the Making

Deon Toh is back with more thoughts about his time in the Land of the Rising Sun…

Support. When touring, my group tries our best to research on Singaporean music acts performing within our vicinity. We’ve played to venues packed with strangers cheering for encores; and also played quieter shows in venues with a little less than 10 people. Singaporean support remains valuable in foreign territory – whether it is to assist other acts with their merchandise sales, transport, loaning and sharing of equipment, or just to add warm bodies to the crowd; having a touch of home can make or break performances, and have a drastic effect on tours.

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Swervedriver SG

Back in 2015, we reviewed the Swervedriver comeback album, I Wasn’t Born To Lose You.

“Yet another welcome 90s rock reunion. Though frontman Adam Franklin has been delivering competent 90s-channeling modern rock for some time now, it’s a pleasure to have the shoegaze pioneers back together and doing what they do best. Essential for all post-punk revivalist hipsters.”

After the appearances of British dream-pop rockers Slowdive and Ride to enthusiastic audiences, it makes sense for the reformed Swervedriver to come our way as well. Especially when today’s youngsters revere the modern-day post-punk revival bands you’d find at Laneway or Neon Lights.

Date: 15th June
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Hood Bar & Cafe

Our very own Cosmic Child provides the support.

Tickets available from http://peatix.com/event/169651

LIVE NEWS: FRANK Presents: Bandwagon Riverboat II

Bandwagon Riverboat 2016

We loved Bandwagon Riverboat last time out! Great music in a unique setting. What’s more, the the boat rockin’ and rollin’ made it easy to groove naturally! Kudos!!

No surprise perhaps that the kind folks at Bandwagon have decided to expand the event to TWO days, with a cracking lineup to match!

So what are you waiting for? Book them tickets now before they are sold out!


See you there!!


Photo by Copeland
Photo by Copeland

Fans get upset when one of their favourite bands break up but nowadays it does seem that these breakups are more of a hiatus, and the band can always come back re-energised for that reunion tour. Add Copeland to the list! The alternative rock band (consisting of Aaron Marsh, Bryan Laurenson, Jonathan Bucklew and Stephen Laurenson) are not only back but will return to Singapore for their fourth concert. We caught up with Marsh via email.

There was a Farewell Tour and now Copeland is back. Why?

The band broke up in 2010. We all wanted to follow different paths, start new businesses, focus on families, and things of that nature. 5 years later, we all felt like there was still more we wanted to do with Copeland’s music.