LIVE NEWS: Remember Nizam – A Celebration in Music


Pioneering musician. Award-winning filmmaker. All-round loveable guy. The local music, movie and creative scenes were devastated when, on 14 June, influential DIY figure, Abdul Nizam Hamid, unexpectedly passed away from liver, lung and pancreatic cancer. Nizam, as his friends called him, was only 50. Bonded in grief, his friends have come together to organise a special tribute concert and fund- raising commemoration to this singular, inspiring and dearly missed man.

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This is where it started, in our own back yard, Singapore. Photo by: Soh Poh Soo Donald.
This is where it started, in our own back yard, Singapore. Photo by: Soh Poh Soo Donald.

All things must pass. But this is not the end of the journey. Deon Toh shares with us his final thoughts on his Tokyo tour.

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Soundcheck at Mona Records
Soundcheck at Mona Records

Latest update from Deon Toh in Tokyo.

Thus far, we’ve played at three different venues in Tokyo. It has been a real eye opener. Each venue brings a different vibe, and they specialise in different genres. We are lucky to carry the indie rock/pop flag; which has been suitable for the venues so far.

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Paris in the Making
Paris in the Making

Deon Toh is back with more thoughts about his time in the Land of the Rising Sun…

Support. When touring, my group tries our best to research on Singaporean music acts performing within our vicinity. We’ve played to venues packed with strangers cheering for encores; and also played quieter shows in venues with a little less than 10 people. Singaporean support remains valuable in foreign territory – whether it is to assist other acts with their merchandise sales, transport, loaning and sharing of equipment, or just to add warm bodies to the crowd; having a touch of home can make or break performances, and have a drastic effect on tours.

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Missives from Deon Toh, now on tour in Tokyo. Here’s the first one …

There’s a myriad of reasons why music acts choose to tour; there are also reasons why music acts choose to tour for longer or shorter periods. I’m not going to pretend to know all of them, but what I can share with you are the unique experiences that my band and I soak in.

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