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Jul 042014

After the heady month of local gigs that was June, the #sgindie goodness continues to flow. So heads up on a couple of shows coming your way in the coming weeks. 

Red Kite & Beer Market have earmarked four Sundays in July as Original Sundays with an intriguing lineup of #sgindie bands for your viewing and listening pleasure.

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Feb 012013
20130125-_MG_6649_Sapporo Safaris

Photos courtesy of Sapporo Safaris/Goh Liang Bao

First off, let me get something off my chest. The SCAPE Gallery is a horrible avenue for live rock music performance. No two ways about it – the sound was so harsh and unbalanced at the venue that I felt physically nauseous at times. Which is a pity because certainly the four bands that played at this gig deserved a much friendlier platform to showcase their music. But there you go…

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Jan 292013

Sapporo Safaris will be playing at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre on 2nd February, this Saturday, as part of the Esplanade’s February Freshie series. Other artists that will be featured in this series are Weish, These Brittle Bones and Another Sunday Afternoon. They will be playing two sets at 8.45-9.30pm and 10-10.45pm.

We understand that the band is really excited to be part of this series and to be given this opportunity to play at the Esplanade, especially since it had to pull out of the auditions to be in Baybeats 2013. The band will be playing tracks off its newly-released EP, Figures of Eight, as well as some new tracks. Merchandise will be available for sale viz. physical EP and tees.

RSVP at Facebook.


Dec 162012

What is S-ROCK in this new indie rock era? Bands that have risen to prominence since 2010 tend to be post-1988 babies and the sum of their influences seems to be the Post-Punk Revival that was crystalized with the arrival of The Strokes, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The White Stripes and others. Based on the 80s post-punk “movement” of the early to mid-80s, this style and sound is now the pre-eminent indie-alternative rock music of our times. In addition, this sound/style has been closely associated with the “hipster” demographic that is beginning to mark and distinguish this generation somewhat, fairly or not. In any case, here’s a bunch of new S-ROCK bands that come into this equation and it should be interesting to see where these bands will be, come 2015.

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