According to its press release, The Spider Sessions came about as a response to a lack of paying gigs for musical artistes in Singapore. Which is in itself, an excellent cause, of course and the folks behind this initiative should be commended.

Apart from organizing more paid gigs for indie bands, “the Spider Sessions aims to build a strong community, holding networking sessions prior to events in order to allow featured artistes to build rapport with each other as well as to facilitate pooling of fan bases. Similar avenues will be provided for the audience to interact with the artistes both during and outside of the events”.

Which is also to be applauded as the sense of community within the local music scene can definitely be built upon. The inaugural event will feature boxchild, Koji, Knightingale and Orange Cove. Ranging from melodic hard rock to grunge to pop punk, these bands represent the lesser-known albeit up and coming modern pop-rock scene in Singapore.

Venue: Pink Noize
Date: Saturday, November 15th 2014
Time: 7 PM to 10 PM
Ticket Pricing: $10
(inclusive of a complimentary non-alcoholic drink)



Some weeks back, Celina Kimble launched her new EP at the Arts House and whilst it was a fairly short set – it was full of Celina’s typically emotionally powerful songs backed by a competent band. All told, it was a solid performance by Celina and band. The word is that Celina will be selling her EP at Starbucks outlets and will be doing a couple of performances there as well. Stay tuned for more details.

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I may secretly – unknowingly even to self – be a punk rock music fan – just a little bit, admittedly.

Originally, I had my reservations. Openly, I am not a fan of All Time Low, and long had I moved on from the mainstream, ready-made radio-friendly formulae. The concert venue added some additional icing on the cake – the last concert-going experience spent at The Coliseum, Hard Rock Hotel was for Nelly Furtado, and waiting two hours in line for a show to start could have very well tested my patience to a whole new all-time low (pun shamelessly and completely intended). I should’ve and would continue to stay the night with my guard let down, thankfully.



Pop-punk sextet Wonder Years is playing at TAB on 28th September. If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet ($35 Presale, $45 at the door), you might wanna avail yourself of this fantastic OUT OF SCHOOL promo.

Get all your friends together and buy 3 Pre Sale tickets at $30 each + poster!

N.B. Single Pre Sale Tickets still at $35 + poster.

Tickets are available on ApeSnap, Inokii, & Straits Records

This is what’s in store for you punk kids! C’mon!!



(Press release)

Fans of pop-punk, wait no more! Come this October 6th, American band All Time Low will bring their infectious tunes and energetic stage performance to Singapore!

With their radio-friendly tunes and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, it is no wonder that the band earned the reputation of being one of pop-punk’s hottest new bands and is well on their way to world domination.

Following the success of their third album, Nothing Personal, the band did not disappoint and instead, went on to create more chart-topping hits. Their latest record,DIRTY WORK, debut on Billboard Top 200 chart at #6 and held the #1 spot on the iTunes album chart for three consecutive days and is now blazing up airwaves all over.

With smash hits including Poppin’ Champagne, Weightless, Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t), I Feel Like Dancing, and their latest, Forget About It, all but to name a few – fans can expect nothing less than a fun-filled night with great music!

Singapore’s very own pop-punk band, The Dirt Radicals, will be opening for the band and together, this show is guaranteed to keep the audience rockin’ to the tunes and is shaping up to be a night you definitely do not want to miss.

So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today and party like it’s your civil right!

Tickets will go on sale on 29th August 2011 at all SISTIC outlets and are also made available online via


Date:     6th October 2011

Venue: Wavehouse, Sentosa

Time:     Doors open at 630pm

8PM – The Dirt Radicals

9PM – All Time Low

Tickets: $68

**Above prices do not include SISTIC handling fees



MAN THE CHANGE Weather the Storm LP (Self-Released)

Punk rock band, Man The Change presents their first full-length album, Weather The Storm which is also free for download (Yay!).

The 5-piece band from Brooklyn is similar in musical blueprint to NOFX, The Misfits and Bad Religion. But the comparison stops there for this LP. Each track feels formulaic and generic as they blitz away with rapid drumming and tune-less vocals.

You have your usual barf-inducing emo lyrics on self-esteem and self-sabotage.

However, don’t fret! Put Steve At Second contains mature lyrics calling out for solidarity in a messy world. Definitely a good life lesson for the angsty. That’s Stormare is laced with infectious bass play reminiscent of ska band, Goldfinger. The ending track, Rambo Vs. Bas Rutten is a thumbs up just by its title alone. The tracks also make prime moshing material.

Weather The Storm isn’t horrible nor is it excellent. It’s no-frills punk rock made boring. You can find similar tunes with dozens of other bands. Considering that the band formed in 2009 and that they have graciously allowed their first album to be downloaded for free, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a listen.

Just not during a hangover.

(Hydar Saharudin)


TIGER RIOT Look Up! (Brookvale)

Look Up! is the soon-to-be-released debut album from Tiger Riot, a five-piece band from Long Island. Look Up! is an album verging on pop-punk (All Time Low, The White Tie Affair) rather than one planted firmly within the alternative/indie rock genre.

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THE WONDER YEARS The Upsides (No Sleep)

I often tell myself that as far as music is concerned I’m never going to experience the “generation gap” of not understanding the music of subsequent generations. Well, when it comes to emo pop-punk, I must confess that I really be guilty of just that. The genre is a little too juvenile (and puerile) for my tastes.

Whilst it retains the energy of punk, it totally eschews the inflammatory irony that made bands like Sex Pistols so special. I detest the day that punk rock become the favoured music of the US college frat boy and share the sentiments Kurt Cobain articulated so succinctly in In Bloom – you know, “but he don’t know what it means…”.

Which brings me to The Upsides, the sophomore album of pop-punk outfit The Wonder Years.


There you go…