Two hours left in this Valentine’s Day, so I’d thought I would get this just under the wire – it’s the single version of Nick Tan’s You. Check it out…


Well, I’m knackered but fulfilled! An early Saturday saw me being picked up by Musical Theatre Limited’s Dezz Moey and Stella Kon from home, as we headed for the Singapore Polytechnic. MTL had arranged a workshop on story and songwriting and for my part, I was to perform two songs live and share a little about songwriting.

By all accounts, it went well. I sang Beyond the Ashes and I Love Singapore and spoke about my songwriting process and before you know it, it was over. Made a couple of contacts (viz. Kate, Chet Choon) and enjoyed Chee Tian’s short 2006 film, Colours. Thanks to Dezz again for getting me involved.

After that it was lunch with Narisa who kindly turned up to provide moral support wherein we discussed matters relating to KAMCO Music, all of which will be announced in due course. Stay tuned! Then off to Bugis Junction to catch local talents at the refurbished Starbucks at the Mall. Dawn Ho and Munir provided a professional set delivering polished covers and Jon Chong performed his excellent originals.

Nick Tan is improving with every performance, stronger and more assured, as usual You being the highlight. It’s been a while since I last saw Ling Kai and certainly she is also coming along nicely. I noticed a marked improvement in her guitar work and among her new material, Someone Sold Me caught the ear. It was also great to meet up with Jeff Miller/Ruth Yam of Starbucks and Harry of Power 98 to make future plans. Exciting times!

… still there’s more …


I first met Nick Tan during the interview for Noise’s The Apprenticeship Programme in 2008. Prior to the interview, I had – based on the music clips submitted by the various applicants – narrowed the choices in my mind to about three to four aspiring singer-songwriters. When Nick was interviewed, I sensed that Nick lacked the self-confidence that belied his talent and ability and my heart went out to him as I saw in him a bit of my self as a young man. So I selected Nick as my apprentice.

Throughout the programme, I had no doubt about Nick’s songwriting ability and performing skills, what he truly needed was belief in himself and that was my main priority – to be his cheerleader. And I am so proud of what he has achieved in the last two years and it is an honour that my own label, KAMCO Music is able to present Nick’s debut EP, Arranged Accidents, which has just been released.

These 5 tracks emphasize what an exciting talent Nick is, and his highly accessible songs should appeal to music lovers everywhere. My personal favourites are the jaunty One Week, the fragile Bright Lights and the heartfelt You. You, in particular, brought me to tears, the first time I heard it when Nick sent over a demo recording last year. Yes, folks its that good.

What more can I say? It’s not a question of supporting Nick just because he is an S-ROCK artist (although that is good) but more of buying a CD that will entertain and touch you.

Arranged Accidents is available at all Starbucks outlets during the month of May. Nick will be performing at the following Starbucks outlets at times and dates indicated –

Liat Towers – 8th May, 4pm

Raffles City – 15th May, 4pm

ION Orchard – 22nd May, 4pm

Paragon – 29th May, 4pm

The EP will also be available at HMV and at soon.

Download EP sampler here.

…still there’s more…


Yes, boys and girls, Nick’s debut EP – Arranged Accidents – will be released by KAMCO Music on 1st May 2010 and will be available from all Starbucks outlets, HMV and online at To promote the EP, Nick will be performing at the following Starbucks outlets –

Liat Towers – May 8th

Raffles City – May 15th

ION Orchard – May 22nd

Paragon – May 29th

All performances will be at 4pm.

Stay tuned for more information as the release date draws closer.