WARM 1960s

The late Ian Macdonald, one of most influential rock critics of all time, wrote in 2003 that “the essentials of modern popular music were laid down during a period of less than ten years and that, but for some technical innovations leading to various musical diversions (such as reggae, rap/hip hop and sequenced dance music), nothing intrinsically new has appeared since then, all musical mini-revolutions in the last twenty years being prefaced in the products of the sixties, the foundation decade for all that’s followed.”

There’s no denying that the origins of blues-rock, garage, pop-rock, R&B, avant rock. metal, folk-rock and punk rock lie in the sixties but it can also be argued that the seventies were even more influential (especially in relation to the origins of rap/hip hop) or even the nineties (as electronic music became more pervasive). These discussions about the origins of the diverse music genres that make up the landscape of modern popular music will be at the heart of my WRITING ABOUT ROCK MUSIC course to be conducted in two weeks!

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The Baybeats Festival is one of the biggest indie music feativals in the region attracting about 75,000 fans over its three-day duration. The Esplanade Youths Budding Writers Program provides an excellent opportunity for tertiary students (JC, Poly, University) who are aspiring music journalists to cut their teeth by covering the Baybeats Festival 2012.

As a lucky budding writer, you will be receiving mentorship (from yours truly) in such areas as music reviews and band interviews with the Baybeats Festival 2012 as the perfect proving ground. This time around, the process begins with the auditions for new bands to win a prestigious spot at Baybeats Festival 2012. You will cover the two auditions, get up close with the bands and have the unique opportunity to perhaps break the next big indie band in Singapore!

Not only that but you will get to interview other established Singapore and regional bands and to ultimately review the performances at Baybeats Festival 2012 itself! All this in an exciting seven-month period in 2012. And it all begins with you submitting two samples of your work to to ksianeng@esplanade.com by 29th December 2011 or call 6828 8330 if you have any enquiries about the programme.

See you on the other side – I will be waiting for you…