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Jan 052015


It’s a new year so let’s listen to what’s out there in the modern rock wasteland, shall we?

Heavy Electricity will be available January 27th, 2015 via Sargent House.


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Jun 232014



Country-folk for stoners? Am digging this from this Seattle-based trio. Full length album – Spells – coming out on 12th August. Check ‘em out on Facebook.


Ten years later the garage revival is still going strong, isn’t it. Cali-based AMBDS imbues its garage sound with enough psych-rock elements to keep things interesting. Debut album drops in September. Listen at Soundcloud. (No embed allowed for some reason)

D.S. BRADFORD “Oceans”

Proudly stated to be made in the suburbs, the spirit is indeed willing at least. Bradford does well to craft the song together but it does sound clunky in parts. No denying the intent! Single will be available at iTunes from 1st July. Connect at Facebook.

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Sep 182013


I still never get used to the fact that you can listen to entire albums streaming online nowadays. Back when I was a teenager, the only way to do so was going to record store and checking out the album in a listening booth. Enough, nostalgia, here is music you should check out…






Jun 062013

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at PM 08.11.31

Here’s a promising track from Celestia, one of the bands on SPear. “Boy in the Well” is an intriguing (probably unintentional) combination of post-punk BIG music (U2, Simple Minds), alt-country and rock n’ roll, with an ironically passive female vocal (and she does go quite flat on the crucial last note!). Wish the SPear website had more information about the song and the band. In any case you can check out Celestia and three other bands tomorrow at the SPear Launch at the Coliseum. In the meantime, enjoy “Boy in the Well”.

Apr 132013

We get tons of links every day from publicists, labels and bands to showcase new music at Power of Pop. So, in order to satisfy everyone, we will do these daily (!) wrap-ups of fairly interesting new songs from the modern rock wasteland. No judgement, no assessment, mere presentation. Enjoy…



TOUCHE “Bad Dreams”

CUMULUS “Do You Remember”

VIOLETA VIL “Aguamarina”

…still there’s more…

Apr 092013

Band HiRes

Tricks & Cider (Victoria Ho on lead vocals and guitar, Karen Lee on backing vocals, keyboard and violin, Dawn Ho on bass guitar and David Liu on drums) is a melodic pop band that incorporates diverse musical styles. Check out the two advance tracks from the band’s upcoming debut EP below.

Check out and follow the band at @tricksandcider on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Mar 222013

Australian based Dancing Heals has just releasing the gorgeous track, “Always on My Mind”, and are currently finishing up their second album, that captures more of their live sound and draws from longtime influences such as Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac. The band loves to wave the nostalgia flag and “Always On My Mind” is no different. A sonically raw reflection on the confusing emotions of letting someone go… and never forgetting.

Facebook page | Twitter


Mar 222013

Pony Boy, aka Marchelle Bradanini, puts a seductive, modern twist on the Americana sound with sultry vocals atop twangy, buzzing guitars. “Greatest Unknown” is simultaneously beautiful and eerie, sounding as though it belongs on a Twin Peaks soundtrack. Catch her live show in March and April as she opens for Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rockettes:

3/23: Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
4/8: Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom
4/9: Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour

Facebook page | Twitter 


Jan 132013

The Cannanes are back. The Aussie duo of Fran Gibson and Steven O’Neil are back (after 11 years) with the kind of music that the late great Kurt Cobain himself name-checked. A cool retro vibe permeates this wonderful new track – “Bumper”, even if the three chord progression is as old as time itself. Be warned, it’s highly infectious! New EP to come…in the meantime…


Nov 152012

The word ‘remix’ basically defines DJ Shadow‘s stellar work and it’s a fitting tribute to the master himself for a new electronic artist like Irn Mnky to make a remix out of DJ Shadow’s own sampling works to create something new and distinct! What goes around comes around. Listen to and/or download the “DJ Shadow Mix”.


Oct 262012

Pancho-san is songwriter Patrick Abernethy (formerly of Beulah, and Rogue Wave) and, for sophomore album Americans, his old bandmates Pat Spurgeon (of Rogue Wave) and Eli Crews (of Beulah/tUnE-yArDs producer) provide invaluable assistance. By all accounts, the sound is a mish-mash of Roy Orbison, Brazilian pop and ’80s-’90s art rock! You can stream the entire album over at Bandcamp. The opening track – “Americans Can’t Be Romantic” – is available for free download.


Oct 182012

Contrary to what most of you might think, I am not against covers – well, I am dead against carbon copy covers – but when a band is able to put its own spin on familiar favorites so that you’re forced to re-assess the song from a different perspective, well that takes talent and skill, folks. So am deeply tickled by this amazing version of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” by country-folk-rock outfit Chamberlin as the band channels Neil Young/Crazy Horse to achieve its aim. Well done!

Official Site

… and for those of you too young to remember the 80s…


Oct 102012

Multi-instrumentalist, Zac Clark, known for his work with The Queen Killing Kings [Wind-Up Records] and Smoke Signals, has been keeping himself busy as an active touring member of Vermont’s Chamberlin and prepping for the launch of a project that finds him truly coming into his own, entitled Young Volcanoes. If “Traffic” is any indication, I am certainly looking forward to listening to more from Young Volcanoes, for its wonderful evocation of 70s country-rock stylings. In addition, after losing his mother to cancer, Clark looked to use his talent to help the cause and raised thousands of dollars through Pledge Music to support Burlington’s Cancer Patient Support Program. The Young Volcanoes project will continue to support this cause.

Official Site

Oct 062012

Yet another UK band hyped up to be the “Next Big Thing” – can Citizens! live up to the hype? You decide. Produced by Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos, the debut album – Here We Are – will be out on 9th October via Kitsuné / Cooperative Music. In addition, Citizens! might be making its way down to our shores as well soon…


Sep 192012

UK-based band alt-J (∆) released their debut album, An Awesome Wave, in North America today via Canvasback Music. Already the album is a firm favorite here at Power of Pop and now, you can listen to “Fitzpleasure” a superb track that highlights the eclectic nature of the band’s songwriting and production. Cool stuff!


Sep 092012

Always maintained that we need a strong mainstream pop scene here before the so-called “alternative” can surface so am glad to report that pop songstress Sarah Cheng-De Winne‘s new single – “Parallel Lives” is one to listen to again and again, if nothing else for that rather hooky chorus, its easy R&B vibe and Sarah’s thick luscious vocals. Coming soon: new album, Brand New. Look out for it…


Sep 012012

The beauty of music making is taking your various influences and inspirations and concocting something distinctive that is greater than its component parts. Shiny Toy Guns seems to have gotten this simple truth right with “Fading Listening” off its upcoming new album, III. Sure, you can hear the obvious debt to Fleetwood Mac (that boy-girl vocal combo that Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks specialized in) BUT from the general electronic ambience, it is clear that this is NOT the Mac and for that fact the song is that much more stronger. Looking forward to that new album.

Official Site